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  1. Anyone got a used pin they're trying to get rid of??? Looking to spend around $300.
  2. Looking to help a family member sell a 2013 Polar Kraft 163WT. Canopy, trolling motor, as well as a custom cover included. The boat is in excellent condition and only has around 10 hours of engine use. $17,995/ Best Offer ~Financing Available~
  3. are they still available
  4. boggle


    I'm usually going for the night bite, and I've also found that when the sun is shining down there, the fish are not as cooperative. Literally the minute that sun drops past the Maplewood side cliffs, the fishing picks up. I wouldn't go before 6-6:30, unless your looking to work on your tan.
  5. boggle


    Post a report after you go, I wanna see if its worth taking another trip down there before the skein bite.
  6. boggle


    I was getting walleyes on three different outings, all on shadraps. They wouldn't touch anything else (besides the one I got floating a worm). Have not been down there in close to a month, so I'm not sure if they are still in. One outing I got 5, all around 3lbs & they were hitting like a ton of bricks!
  7. boggle


    Float fish for them in the Genesee with a nightcrawler & black jig. You don't necessarily need to use a float, but it will enable you to cover more ground & lose less jigs. I've caught a ton there this summer, including one monster pushing 20lbs on my centerpin. Use Seth Green access, and fish the first hole. Bring some cheap shad rap imitations as well. Obviously Rapalas work best, but after loosing a few $8 lures I learned that lesson quickly. Good Luck!
  8. It's a tough fishery this time of year. Got into some bass, around 15 pike a few 5lb+, no eyes though. Heading to Oneida now for a change of scenery.
  9. On the river yesterday with only a few smallies. Going out now to troll the narrows in 50ish FOW. Up here till Friday evening, any guidance would be much appreciated.
  10. Looking for a float rod around 13 foot. Not looking to spend a ton, if anyone has an old matrix 12'9" they'd be willing to part with that'd be perfect. Or if you have anything else, let me know. -BOG
  11. Thanks for some solid info. What company do you trust for the pivoting downrigger seat?? That is definitely what we are looking for.
  12. So I'm pretty new to down rigging. My father and I have used the manual riggers on his boat with some success. I get the whole process & how to set up rigs. He just bought a new boat and we want to get electric downriggers. My main question is what do I need?? Obviously the downriggers & weights, what else?? I've done a little research, but I know there are some veterans on here that can help me out. Thanks!
  13. And out of curiosity what waters were you using it on?
  14. I used to have an endurance, I'm assuming yours is the large arbor? Can you put up a pic or two of the whole combo??
  15. Looking to get into Spey fishing. If anyone has a cheap combo I can buy let me know.
  16. http://www.orvis.com/flyfishingvideos/freshwater/fall-run-steelhead-fishing/ ^Good watch, obviously I'm already missing steelhead season
  17. This is my biggest so far in 2015 (12 lbs), picture doesn't do it justice but she was a pig!
  18. I was wondering about this myself because I'm looking at pictures throughout the years and EVERY fish has its adipose. Personally I think its more the adipose size to fish size ratio. If you catch a 10lb'er with a little baby adipose fin...probably a hatchery fish. I have done no research on this so correct me if I'm wrong, but EVERY fish I catch still has its adipose.
  19. Cool thanks for the info I've actually ordered from them before for spinner parts. Out of curiosity have your spoons produced? If so, species??
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