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  1. May I use these pictures on my website for advertising purposes??
  2. Poplar: Thanks for supporting Fishy (and me). Please pass the word for fishy ... the no shipping and lower price is a great deal.
  3. Glen: Good to hear from you. Glad I could help and really glad that the spoons are still producing for you. Unfortunately, the marketing of the spoon has suffered as life goes on, but the product stays and now we are committed to restore it to its rightful place with marketing and and a new commitment to manufacturing. With everybody's support and ideas we will do our best to meet all of the marketplace demands. Each opportunity will be treated with respect and honor. We have no enemies, just friends who are doing other things right now, and we hope they will rejoin us in the future. It won't always be easy, but if it's worth having it's also worth fighting for.
  4. Please understand that I completely agree with what you said below. "Fishy is an honest businessman who always tries to accommodate folks including sharing his knowledge and information about Keuka Lake fishing especially and he is always amenable to stocking things of interest to fishermen." This choice of mine requires an understanding of my financial interests and affordability. It is almost impossible to run a consumer business at those required inventory levels and also serve the retailers adequately. We are on a course to go back to attempting to radically increase our investment in inventory to do just that while insisting on prepayment from retailers. That way we can do both and avoid the risk and exposure. Our inventory, however, will reflect what I can afford, what the customers want and some trial SKUs for the new year. If a retailer insists on ordering what I don't carry, then we will be out of some SKUs, temporarily, or longer, unless that Retailer is willing to buy 300 of the same size and color, which is a really bad decision for him.
  5. Missdemeanor: Thanks for the support and vote of confidence.
  6. If Fishy is willing to sell at that price, and without shipping, I would suggest that everyone should contact him as soon as possible! I can't and won't sell at that level. These are great lures and Fishy is doing me a great favor by getting them out to the public. Please get as many Honeybees as you can at that price. My turn will come as people re-discover that, perhaps, they are one of the best lures ever made! So my feelings won't be hurt at all! /Jim Martino
  7. Apparently there is some misinformation floating around. We are not going out of business nor are we even scaling back! We have been in business since 1983. A number of years ago we made the switch from selling through distribution channels and/or retail stores, to direct customer purchases on the internet. We are rebuilding in the direct consumer market first to help fund our further expansion. The number of stores that failed and the number of bad credit risks involving large sums of money, were just too much of a financial burden. FISHY BUSINESS IS THE SINGLE EXCEPTION and the only retail store we were recently selling to. His credit and his word are stellar. The only problem he and I had was him wanting to purchase most of what I was out of and a size that simply was not selling anywhere but at his store. That is still a problem as we ramp back up and change over to new production runs and a change to a proprietary small HEX pattern. This size will be available in 2016,... no matter what Fishy says! We have a very extensive selection on our pages that will ship upon receipt of order. No delays ... no confusion. We have every intention of maintaining our website AND resuming sales to retail stores that meet are payment terms. I simply cannot afford to finance retail outlets. And we have not and do not plan to sell to big box stores. Check out our website, www.tamiron.com, and judge for yourselves. If this isn't customer service, then I am afraid I don't know what is!
  8. Check out WWW.tamiron.com for current HONEYBEEs
  9. He still smiles ???? For those of you who don't know, JKS stands for Joe Kyle Special !! / Jim
  10. Missdemeanor: One order of JKS went out this moring and the other will go out tomorrow morning. Thanks for the business. Yours will be coming with the standard 2/0 hook, but many of our customers have switched to the 1/0 to be able to run them slower. Makes a great difference. Will try to get guys to enter hook size as preference in the comment section of their orders.
  11. Fishy: I certainly don't mind fishermen buying from your store or any other store! If you have stock that we are currently out of, I certainly recommend that people contact you. Our stock in #2s are far more extensive than you can imagine and the #3s will be produced this fall in mostly new SKUs as we update our inventory to reflect the change in Water clarity. Silver, copper, and gold will be featured. Also we will be converting our hammered finished to Small HEX patterns. In the meantime, I wish you loads of success and thank you for pushing our products and filling some voids as we gear up. /Jim Martino
  12. TAMIRON / HONEYBEES is alive and well! Check our new site. Jim Martino 51132 High Meadow Dr. Granger, IN 46530 574-217-7610 www.tamiron.com [email protected]
  13. Tamiron / Honeybees is alive and well. Check out our new site as we bring everything back and up to speed. Jim Martino 51132 High Meadow Dr. Granger, IN 46530 574-217-7610 www.tamiron.com [email protected]