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  1. That is unbelievable Les. Lets sell em our Lakers at $10 a pound and they dont eat anymore Blue Fin lol. Gordon
  2. I have had dealing with him also. Great man who would not be a no show. Must be communication problem.
  3. Never heard a word from him.............Not even a response of any kind. If they are sold mark it as such but dont ignore people that are trying to buy something you list.
  4. Are these full roller rods and are they shippable for extra over the 150 ? Thanks
  5. What length is the rod and is it all rollers or just tip? Thanks
  6. How much are the flasher tapes ? A per piece price please.
  7. Very interesting Les. There has always been alot of controversy about this. People telling tales and their "guesses" and theories. DNA does clear up alot of issues on subjects that were just always discussion and sometimes imagination. Gordon
  8. Wow! I knew I picked the right guy to ask questions and pick his brain. You are the man Les and your son. Beautiful fish. Its fantastic listening to you about the time spent with your son. That makes it worth a million bucks. Gordon
  9. Just saw your message. When I 1st inquired it was about the 24 j-plugs and case. I was interested in what was shown at that time. Thanks so much for the response but I will pass on the 16 lot.
  10. Would you accept an offer of $50 and mail down near Binghamton? Thanks so much for your response. Gordon
  11. Hi, are these still available? How many hook sets are with them? Thanks.
  12. Hi, are these still available? How many hook sets are with them? Thanks.
  13. Hi do you still have the J-Plugs for sale? I see it doesnt say sold by them. Thanks.
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