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  1. A friend of mine just bought two 48' tracks made by muddy creek for $150.00 brand new... guess there is a new game in town and not so expensive.... poor richards in erie carries them I haven't checked to see where else, but they are nice and well made and half the price of some of the others..
  2. good to go call me for transaction info,, tks
  3. I am interested in the evil eye glow spoons if you want to separate tks 814-229-2131 tom
  4. looking good.. on my starcraft,, the floor ran underneath the sides and in order to remove the sides I had to take the nose piece and two back corner brackets off to remove the rub rail to remove screws and rivets to remove sides to remove the floor.. my wife came into the garage one day and asked if I would ever get it put back together again.. I told her that I didn't think all the kings horses and all the kings men could put it back together again. thus the name Humpty Dumpty.. you will be glad after it is all done and you will have a sense of accomplishment..
  5. One thing I found helpful was to mark the sides to let me know where my floor braces were so when I covered them with the new floor I knew where to screw it down and where my gas tank hoses ect were so not to accidently run a screw into something and along the edge not to run one through the floor,, I would take pics /videos and tell myself notes so when it came time to reassemble they helped jog the old memory..
  6. I redid a 190 starcraft superfisherman.. I imagine they are fairly similar,, but I redid the floor with 3/4 marine ply,,ordered at home depot, original was 1/2",,, something I found out was I raised the floor 1/4" so that moved the consoles up and apart,, which made the windshield off from a tight meet of the swing window.. Not a biggy just had to shim outside of windshield to level it and add a piece where they met. also had to replace floatation under floor,,, water satuation from sitting outside by previous owner,,, if possible try to salvage your floor sections so that you may use them for patterns for the new floor..I had my floor done in durabak,, and it is nice not having fish smell and slime all through carpet..a couple days in the hot sun was all I could take without washing down the carpet.. total redo including rewire. but turned out nice.. and I learned my boat from the inside out.. good luck,,,make sure you seal top bottom and EDGES like was mentioned above..
  7. where do you fish at with these ? I use them most of the season for eyes
  8. I am trying to contact rod hog.. to close the deal..
  9. Am interested in lot 1.. do you take pay pal? tom
  10. Can you ship for that price.. 16254? tks
  11. I have a set of otter boards. a big jon mast with pulleys.
  12. interested in your reels,, 814-229-2131 tom for payment and shipping details,,,tks
  13. contact me 814-229-2131 if spoons are still for sale,,, tks tt tom
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