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    Sold / Closed 1988 21ft AMC "Penn Yan"

    Sent you a text message.
  2. Trustworthy place to get repower Thinking about repowering our boat. Any recommendations for a dealer that is fair and reliable. Love my Yamaha 15 hp kicker and want another Yamaha. Thanks folks!
  3. Did any of you try using the bagged smelt you can buy at the grocery store? I'm gonna soak some in green Pautzke and see what happens.
  4. Not a pro here but we just use Pautzki (not spelled right) Fire Brine in green or clear, just soak overnight in cooler and we catch salmon
  5. Good info reeldelemma33...wasn't aware of that
  6. I'd like 2....how do you pay for them?
  7. Hi folks, anyone know where I can buy whole herring to cut my own meat strips....10$ for 3 strips kinda steep! Fishing out of Catfish Creek.....thanks in advance and good fishing to all....
  8. Thanks all i'm gonna put it in front of kicker
  9. First time question posted here. Bought a fish hawk X4D and its still not on my boat (all 800$ worth!) My question is exactly how critical is the triducer placement? The instructions made me really gunshy about drilling more holes in the old girls transom and then it wont work properly. My kicker is on starboard and finder transducer is on port...there is room between big motor and transducer...will it interfere? Any comments/suggestions appreciated
  10. Hi all, sold my 18' Tracker and bought a 24' Chaparral sport fisherman. Worked on it over winter, 15hp Yamaha kicker installed new fishfinder, 4 Walker Tournament downriggers put on also..ready to give em hell...well ready to start fishing, learned a long time ago its called fishing and not catching for a reason, lol. This is a great site I picked up a lot of good info so far. Fairly new to big water but just addicted to it after a few charter trips.
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