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  1. I will take them PM me your number please I will figure out where to pick them up
  2. Could you PM me with what you have left for reels and rods thanks
  3. Nk mag spoons $42 shipped Nk 28 sold
  4. have to call to see if it would fit that unit I bought at the GPS store told me it would work on my a 98 touch screen but did not plug in
  5. I have a brand new P 58 transducer
  6. I know all about price gouging it’s on everything now🧐
  7. They still sell the old style new at Captain chucks for 199 but out of stock right now
  8. You guys think you got gold it’s a reel this statement goes to the guy that thinks you should start at $650 really
  9. To the guy that lost his post will not find reels for 70 dollars
  10. PMs are not working Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Can you call me or contact me at 518-321-5050 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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