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  1. That's an awesome boat at a great price. Can't believe it hasn't sold. If would be a little closer spring I'd be all over that. I'm looking to upgrade from my 18'6 just timing not right
  2. Yeah these are hard to find discontinued item thanks anyhow
  3. Nope Im looking for deep thunder they dive 20-30 feet
  4. That's the color I'm looking for but I want the large diving bill
  5. Looking for storm deep thunder 15 in 376 color (gizzard shad) would buy any I can get thanks.
  6. Tried harness white bass tore me up.should I be running bouncers off riggers? Thanks
  7. Lake full of eyes some really good ones know some spots that hold them. Was wondering about speed distance behind bouncers.
  8. Live in central pa fish raystown dam mostly striper. Looking for tips on trolling for eyes lake full of them few caught mostly by accident deep lake but standing timber from 40 foe out any info appreciated thanks
  9. I'm looking for the high profile swivel mount to match what I already have thanks
  10. Looking for a cannon high profile swivel mount thanks
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