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  1. After thinking a bit, I suspect that with the torque of the engine is restricting the movement of the ram, My is in bilge, but yours should be in the open, just in front of motor. Round with hydro hoses on each end, shiny rods comming out each end, that move when the wheel is turned!! If that is the case, I suspect the transom is somehow moving!
  2. I don't know how your system works, as I have inboards, but I don't think you have air in system. Also, if you take cap off you should see fluid. I would be carefull adding fluid, that could add air to system, and then it will need to be purged. The way my system works, is there are plungers all around beneath and inside the helm where the steering is. As you turn the wheel, it pushes on those plungers, and squits fluid to the ram, which in turn moves the ram. When all is right, it should feel firm, but definetly not what you are feeling. As far as I can tell from my system there is no actual pump, it is all done by those plungers behind the whee. I think mine does have a pump on auto pilot though. Being this is a new boat, I would insist on a sea trial, not done by the salesman, nut by a certified marine tech!! You may run into warranty issues if you try fixing thing yourself.
  3. Thank You Joe!! Reallly apreciate gas price increase!! I will remember!!
  4. AMERICA! Designed by geniuses, Run by idiots.
  5. I always brought my batteries inside, held up well ! Always had them on trickle charger, and was told NOT to store directly on concrete floor!
  6. Not close to record !! 33.2 lbs caught on Dixie Dandy
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