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  1. Brand new to this but had a good day. 2 small salmon and my first steelhead. 1st salmon on a chicken wing spoon down 35 over 220 and the other two hit my dipsy 150 out over 280 fow. Glow frog silver back. Rough day in my little boat but I will take it. Only got a picture of the steelhead
  2. Yes it is funny but would not eat that either lol
  3. It was only in the back straps heaviest on the thick end I didn't notice it in any other meat but was concerned if it was in the blood and threw everything away
  4. I would guess 2.5 or 3.5 years old , she wasn't grey in the snout yet
  5. No it had no oder at all. And it was not oozing or have pus, just translucent tissue. I thought scar tissue possibly also but I looked it over had no wounds from a bullet or Arrow maybe it was hit by a car though
  6. Hunting Saturday morning, I took a nice Doe for the freezer and when got it home and started to cut it up I noticed the back straps had almost translucent sections running through it. It was kind of tough and void of color. It was not fat either. I took this picture and ask around, even a guy who butchers deer this time of year,and nobody knew what it was but everybody agreed I shouldn't eat it. Not wanting to get sick threw it out, hated to waste an animal but I am not going to put my family at risk. Now I wish I had given it to the dec. I wasn't worried about getting a new tag because I never use them all anyway, I only shoot 2 at most , we just don't eat more than that, but I am curious what it was and maybe they could have helped. Does anyone have any ideas what it could have been.
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