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  1. Tried out my 2 new big papa 36" bags yesterday. Ran them up against my hull at midship. With the wind I got from 3.4 to 2.3 . Against the wind .09- 1.8. Any adjustments I can make for going with the wind? All help appreciated!
  2. I have a set and the foam is rotting. Any way I can fix these?
  3. Greatly appreciated , guys!
  4. When do the Wallys show up Or do they? Good places to start?
  5. Do I run the large or small end midship ? Just want to do it right
  6. Got my two Big Papa bags ! Can't wait until Saturday to use them. My one question is how to deploy them if I am by myself?
  7. Hillbilly , I have just moved here myself . Can I get some info too? Need help
  8. Got a Accurate Boss 870 Magnum reel for sale. Make an offer
  9. I'll see you out there. I got a white tundra pulling an imperial vc200. White with a large blue stripe
  10. I am wanting to know of any events going on where I could volunteer to take out maybe a soldier or wounded warrior fishing. Would like to give a little back. On my home lake we would do benefits for kids who Had cancer or had no one to take them fishing .
  11. Tip with worm and a minnow? I like them
  12. Found a ugly stick spl1100 lite-medium action 9 ft rod. What would be a good application for this rod?
  13. After all the EXCELLENT advice I am getting a pair of bags for my fifty first birthday! I know I'll have more questions for you guys!! Thanks for steering me in the right direction.
  14. How is the walleye fishing on lake o in the spring? I'll probably be drifting and maybe be throwing eerie dearies . What you think ? Craving those walleye!!!
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