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  1. Hey there Steve. Just moved here. Don't know a lot of places. Where would this be?
  2. What are best options then? Drifting or casting? What else. Gonna give buckets or socks a shot
  3. Sorry guys but I have another one to ask you. If I trim my lower unit up does that help slow the speed? I also have the old 17 pitch prop. Should I change back to the 17 from the 19? This is all new to Me. I really appreciate the help
  4. The whole thing broke. It was on of Cabelas spring loaded that are mode of composite
  5. Took my new to me 20 footer out on Ontario yesterday. Trolling plate broke so I am down to either buckets or bags. Slowest it would go was 3-3.5. Boat has a 19 pitch prop. If I go with buckets how should I drill the holes?
  6. Where can I get current wave heights for lake o'?
  7. Need some info for lower Niagara. Gonna be my first time out. Anybody got good advice for a newbie? Thanks to all!
  8. Since I am new at this, what is a slide diver?
  9. Twice used 120.00 I live in Akron New York. It is the remote
  10. All 3 types. I Will be in Ontario And the finger lakes
  11. Hey guys, need help selecting tackle. Any and all help appreciated
  12. So let me see. I have moved here and now we could lose thousands of acres of prime fishing habitat? How stupid are they gonna get?
  13. Just moved to the Akron New York area. Kinda new to this. Don't know much about Lake Ontario but really wanting to learn. Glad to be here. Thanks for having me!
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