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  1. Hey guys I need 4 rod holder for pulling dipsys. I need them to be adjustable. Thanks!
  2. Anyone use them ? Can you use them with dipsys?
  3. I have one daiwa 17 lc and one 27 lc. Good app for these reels? I figure the 27 would be good for copper?
  4. I've been watching YouTube videos and I can't stand it anymore! What do I need to basicly get started. Going for lake trout, steelhead and salmon in lake o. I have really no other hobbies than this. Working on a tight budget. But if I need it, I need it! Always looking for a good deal! Thanks
  5. She doesn't like the spa. I do that and go to the bottom of the pit. I'd rather face the devil
  6. Gonna be an observer in August. Have to take off Friday. Anyway to break it to her gently?
  7. Call big papa sportfishing products. I got my trolling bags from there. Drift socks will rip to shreds of you try to troll with it
  8. I am going to be an observer in a tournament out of Oswego and wanted to know if anybody knew of some camping sites near there. I will be camping in a tent
  9. They put these in and take our fishing then I'm going back to Atlanta. Thought moving here I would get a better job , which I did. A good job , yes. But being happy is more important to me. Take launching fees for example. I checked on a 1 year launching pass.80.00 here in New York. Georgia you can buy a season pass for 30.00.
  10. Just that one guy said I could get paid for it!
  11. Sounds great! I need the extra to buy trolling equipment!
  12. How bad do they collect on a line that is angled? Like pulling dipsys?
  13. I am new to salmon fishing and would like to volunteer to be an observer. What exactly does an observer do?
  14. What do they do to mono?
  15. Going Monday out of new fane. Thinking about trolling the bar. Any advice?
  16. Any of you guys use spoons from mud hole?
  17. Is vertical jigging an option right now for deep fish? What should I use? Thought about down lining also with live bait
  18. I found if I pull out 100 ft and rest my counter then that is the best way to keep it accurate
  19. I calibrated my line counters for 100 ft and got them dead on. But once I went past 100 foot they were of again. Any of you guys have that problem and how can I fix it?
  20. I thought profanity was not allowed?
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