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Everything posted by backoneerie2016

  1. I have my two homedepot buckets. I'll follow your advice and let you know. Thanks for your help
  2. So do the holes in the buckets cause friction?
  3. I'll give it a shot. Running on a poor mans budget
  4. Got to lake o this afternoon. Waves 2 ft. Tried the bucket thing . Seems like they wouldn't stay open. Wind was pushing me about 6.5. Any advice?
  5. What is better ? Worms or minnows? Best rigs for worms?
  6. Anybody used whoopin sticks? Just looking around
  7. Hey guys I am going out of Wilson on Sunday and I am looking for a bait shop. Got any good ones?
  8. I have a lowrance hds7 gen 1. Have had it for about 4 years. I love it. Nothing like it!
  9. What would you folks here recommend to a newbie for trout and salmon rods? Preferably ugly sticks.
  10. Gonna go out next Sunday. Need advice on lower nag river and the bar. Would like to use live bait, maybe do a little trolling
  11. Thanks guys. I am learning so much
  12. I'm gonna use my line counter reels. I use them for just about everything
  13. Lake Ontario trout and other scaly critters . Eerie walleye too. You are correct
  14. Can my main line be mono or does it need to be fluorocarbon? I will be using fluorocarbon for my leaders
  15. The plate broke completely off . In the lake somewhere
  16. How far back do you run them? My boat is a 20 foot cuddy.
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