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  1. Looking for a used radar unit in good shape working condition with a dome scanner, with all cables and cords. Please contact me with any info. Thanks
  2. New to jigging for lake trout and I would like for a little help with this, I would like to ask what do you tip your jig with? Any help would be very appreciated. Would like to try cayuga and where would I try to start for them Thanks
  3. Hi Luke, I would like to get 3 of them stickers if possible, thanks, paypal plz.
  4. Looking for some fined cannon balls for the riggers. would anyone know or have any for sale? 12 to 15 lbs. Thanks
  5. Do you need a coated cable for the Depth Rader down temp? also do you need a coated cable for the the X4 down temp? if so where would I look for the cable.
  6. Did you ever find out what that guys name was, Im looking for a couple myself. thanks
  7. can I ask what do the trollers use as lures for them. thanks
  8. Where can I get the components to make my own trolling flies, hooks, material, heads, bodies, ect. thanks.
  9. yes I'm interested, where are you located.
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