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  1. Did you ever find out what that guys name was, Im looking for a couple myself. thanks
  2. can I ask what do the trollers use as lures for them. thanks
  3. Where can I get the components to make my own trolling flies, hooks, material, heads, bodies, ect. thanks.
  4. yes I'm interested, where are you located.
  5. do you still have the swivel; mounts? you never got back to me.
  6. does the big block mount come with the swivel mount. can you plz let me know so I can buy it. thanks.
  7. looking for cannon big block mount and swivel bases for my rigger.
  8. Interested in the 4 reels in the 2nd row from the right, what are you asking for them. thanks
  9. if there still available I will be going out to port bay tomorrow and can pick them up on my way out.
  10. Need some side curtains and back drop made for my new boat. Need someone thats not backed up for 5 to 10 weeks out. I'm in the Rochester NY area and looking. If anyone knows of a place or person please get back to me. Thanks
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