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  1. I have 2 Big Jon pedestal mounts and the mounts that slide in and out of the mounts that are mounted to the boat. they don't swivel they slide in & out. both for $85 firm. like new as you can see.. SOLD
  2. I have 2 swivel bases that cam with my Big Jon riggers, don't need them I have cannons. looking to sell the pair for $85 firm. like new,
  3. I have 2 big John 6" Riser pedestal swivel mounts for sale Like new. 6" risers & swivel mounts. $100/ea
  4. I have a pair of swivel bases off my BigJon's riggers that I don't need any more took off my boat. very good condition for $85 for the pair.
  5. Can you tell me where you got the arch for your boat, i'm looking for one for my 1996 StarCraft fishmaste 190.
  6. I know this is a stupid question what was the color of the bells and spinny
  7. Looking for passenger side front windshield for a 1996 StarCraft Master Fishman 190 if anyone knows of one or has one please get back to me, Thanks
  8. Looking for a port side passenger side windshield for a 1996 StarCraft Master Fisherman 190 , if anyone knows of one some place or has one that they would like to sell plz get back to me so I can at least get some fishing in. Thanks Bob
  9. Still looking for a fish hawk X4 down temp used, if anyone knows of one or has one for sale plz let me know. thanks
  10. Would like to know if anyone would like to sell a fishhawk X4 or knows of one for sale. Thanks
  11. Looking for a used fishhawk X4 used. if anyone they would like to sell or knows of one for sale plz let me know. Thanks
  12. Looking for a used X4 if any one would like to sale one. Thanks
  13. the same as last year, don't back to far or your off the ramp
  14. Hi Harvey, I would like 3 15lb torpedo weights and price, can you plz let me know if you have them and I can pick them up.
  15. Would like to get in but I wouldn't know where to start, what to use, where to go, where to launch, It would be a first for me to fish Seneca lake since I'm just starting out downrigger fishing and don't know what to look for. So I might sign up but I need all the help I can get if anyone want's to help. Thanks
  16. would you have a # that I can call you at Monday?
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