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  1. firemans field pavilion,3666 latta rd. rochester ny.. the seminar is at 8am this sat..you can call me if you want..5184881076,,,Mike ''Great lakes angler super salmon school''
  2. whats your address ,I will get a check out to you,are you going to seminar or how far from firemans field pavilion are you
  3. will be in Rochester for salmon seminar this month if you still have,,can send money to secure the deal if you want
  4. Next in line after Britty,.can pick up live near Albany..Text me 518-488-1076,,Mike
  5. Mike DeBella,26 Gale Hill Road,East Chatham NY 12060..Thank you Ron.Will send out check Monday am for $140.00
  6. ''PAP''Thank you for those words to this man.I just lost my 54 year old brother to cancer and what you said takes some of my hurt away,
  7. `Sorry to hear of your illness,,Maybe there is a tackle shop near you that could sell your stuff for a small commission.It would save you a lot of time and worry,good luck
  8. I will buy it please.I will be going to Mexico tomorrow,How can I contact you once I get in town,I should be there early after noon
  9. Id be very nervous about the weather and waves.You can get in trouble during the day when you see it coming,never mind at night when you cant see the hand in front of your face out there,It does sound like fun though...Be careful and let us know if you do it...
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