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  1. MaineBux

    Hard baits

    Sent you a pm. Going to send PayPal payment shortly. Thank you.
  2. MaineBux

    Hard baits

    I’ll take them.
  3. MaineBux

    Hard baits

    Interested, how much?
  4. Located right across the river from you in Milford, Hunterdon county. My buddy Paul is 5 minutes from me. He probably wouldn't mind if you wanted to stop over and take a look for yourself when he gets it home.
  5. It is sold, my buddy Paul and I are picking it up on Saturday morning. Boats going to NJ and going to be run on the finger lakes and Ontario.
  6. MaineBux

    for sale : usa 25 ft SPORT CRAFT

    Any pictures and what year is it? TY
  7. My buddy, Paul, is buying her from you, can't wait to put some fish on the back deck! As soon as I saw the listing I knew I'd better call him and tell him his search was over, lol!
  8. Hawkeye50, How are the stringers and transom, any soft spots? Great looking rig you have there!
  9. Congratulations on a great brown!
  10. MaineBux

    Copper line and Planer Boards

    I run 5 colors off my OR-12's without any problems at all.
  11. MaineBux

    Keuka FLTA

    Nice report. I've been running the Warriors for 3 years, great little spoons.
  12. MaineBux

    Muskie Replica

    Looks great!
  13. MaineBux

    Cayuga 3/30

  14. I would be interested in seeing some pictures. Thanks.