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  1. Oh to catch some fresh fish for a decent meal. Have the worst luck this year with most everything I have going on. Can't catch fish to save my life. Of course, first year owning a boat too and I picked the year with all the water issues around. Boohoo... Whining over. Great looking meal and hope everyone enjoys their stuff.
  2. Beautiful pictures everyone. Wish I could get on the water. Sadface/ angryface
  3. Looks good. I'm glad you saved all the money and took some of our advice. A good welder is a wizard when it comes to metal!
  4. Jim, A competent welder can stitch that up for the time being to keep you on the road until the new axle comes in. Hard to tell from the picture, but my guess would be that a piece of angle could be fitted under or over it after welding it and weld that in place for reinforcement. Just some thoughts so you're not down so long. Either way, good spot, glad you caught it.
  5. Wicked, Do you have a recipe for this corned venison? I'd love to give it a shot. BlackBeardOne
  6. Yum! Nature's bounty is so much better. And the memories/experience are priceless. Good work. BlackBeardOne
  7. Am I the only one who doesn't see a video? And is it Bear Creek or Bald Eagle Creek?
  8. How old is the unit? Full wiring and transducer included? If so, what transducer is it? Manuals available? What's the reason for sale? I'm looking to put an updated unit on the older bass boat I just bought. Wondering how this stacks up compared to other units such as a Helix DI or echoMaps 73cv. Thanks in advance. BlackBeardOne
  9. Very cool guys. I figured I was late as you guys confirmed. Probably won't be able to make it on the water until next weekend unfortunately. Who knows at that point. Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.
  10. Looking to get my father out fishing, thought some yummy low pressure perch fishing might be a good idea. Time to test the new (to me) boat as well. Not looking for anyone's secret spot, just a little generic advice. Thanks guys and gals!
  11. Location? I'd be interested depending on distance.
  12. Purchased a new to me boat about 5-6 weeks ago and have been going through things trying to make sure things are in order. Anyways, it has a Hummingbird LCR that came with it. The bow connection isn't working currently, and the console one had been cut or pulled apart, but I connected it back together. It has two in dash depth sounders, but I haven't been out with the boat yet to know if anything works. Considering I think they're all original and the boat is an '89, I'm not getting my hopes up that anything will work. So anyways, looking for a nice inexpensive unit. $200-300. GPS and maps would be nice features, but depth, structure and locating fish and bait are first. In case it's not readily apparent already, I'm inexperienced with boats and electronics, haha. I do have a basic understanding of how they work though. Thanks in advance. BlackBeardOne
  13. Hey there Muskiedreams, I've been interested in musky fishing for a couple years, but always took it as one of those things for the most elite veterans. I've never fished for them and just the last couple months started to do the research regarding them. Unfortunately I don't know anyone from LOU personally. I'm hoping to change that. Also hoping that joining the chapter and being able to participate in the functions will allow me to connect with the veterans and other local Esox fans. I've been browsing the predator section of the forums the last day and a half. Has me even more excited. Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Just wanted to say hello. Member from several years ago, but ran into problems with my other email. Never properly introduced myself before and need to be more active. I live in Ontario (small town, not Canada [emoji1]). Just recently bought my first boat, an '89 Ranger 363V. It's got a tentative name, but that'll be a secret for another day. Haven't had the years of experience that the majority of members have. Didn't succeed at fishing until more recently, but I'm pushing hard to put more time on the water enjoying life looking forward. Pretty much self taught and read a lot. Also an avid whitetail hunter and enjoy the outdoors. Going to join the Muskies Inc. chapter and learn to hunt those apex predators. Thrilled for all the upcoming seasons. Tight lines guys and gals.
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