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  1. Mercruser out drive bravo one gen 2 for sale $800 or best offer. Call 315.532.7072
  2. I had one of the plastic cannon rod holders on a st5 rigger break and lost a rod, reel and flasher fly
  3. Watercraft clinic in red creek does a good job, had stringers replaced there on my 30 ft sportcraft
  4. I own a small Fishing camp (Catfish Creek Fishing Camps) a private boat launch and charter boat, was told all public and private launches were to be closed, I'm losing money every day
  5. PD Buoy, good to hear from you, doing good here, no virus in Oswego county yet, trying to get Camps ready for spring Fishing. My mate Bob was out a couple times and caught some nice browns. Hope all is well with you and family.
  6. Had my first charter cancelation other clients have called and asked what we are doing about virus, told him our Camp is still going to open in April (unless Cuomo shuts us down).Catfishcreek.com
  7. The launch is ok, the docks are mostly under water but still usable but you need to wear boots to get to them
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