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  1. Another way to fix ,is if you can get to both sides of the missing rivets ,.You can use button head screws with nylon insert nuts and 5200 used these on a 16 ft, Starcraft runabout.These are available at most good hardware stores.going on 8years and still no leaks.
  2. Try your local Fastenal dealer .Another source could be a truck utility bed maker or installer in the area .Ihave found them at these places.
  3. The floor in the cabin runs up under the cuddy benches or bunks to back under the forward part of the fuel tank area.If you plan on replacing the floor you could pull the fuel tank ,cut the old floor out and slide it in in 2 pieces.The boat i have had it done this way ,but I did a hull up rebuild .The center floor piece is about 25 inchs wide at rear and does a taper to the front area under the bunks in the cuddy it was just shy of 8 ft.If the transom shows rot at floor area this will have to be replaced also.Another thing if the boat was uncovered check the flotation foam under the floor for water saturation if saturated it will need to be pulled out and refoamed..Not being a Debby Downer, it is doable but there is alot of sweat involved.Is this boat boat an Inboard or out board? If this is an I/O the out drive has to removed to replace the transom plywood. I recommend that You take a look on i.boats.com.and look up starcraft rebuilds read several of the articles there then decide if you want to go ahead with this project.
  4. What are your questions ,need a little to go on. Most Islanders from 84 thru 90 have basically the same floor plan or lay out.The floor is riveted to the stringers. The front cabin partitions sit on the floor; if they have rot they will need replaced as they are the main support to the dash.The rear transoms interior support on Mine was bolted and riveted in place.
  5. Could also be carbon build up on pistons,or a piece of carbon off a valve Yyou mentioned hours of trolling.If after checking the timing and fuel octane and you still have the knock get a can of GM top engine cleaner and follow the directions on the can, or you can also use Sea Foam to clean the valves and decarbon the cylinders.
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