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  1. I use and app called Iwindsurf https://wx.iwindsurf.com/spot/2160 shows wind stations on the map and then click on the one your interested in and gives you current wind, past wind, a forecast. plus includes the national weather service marine forecast.
  2. Went 3 for 3 today solo 200 - 450 feet of water 13, 17, and 20 lbs. Down 80ft one on each rigger, 3rd was on Copper out 400 ft. All on meat rigs. Saturday went 2 for 3 with my son and grandson. Friday wend 2 for 2 with my son. We will see how the wind is Monday morning.
  3. Went out last night for 3 hours, Fishhawk went down to 215 ft to read 39 deg F water. I could not believe how warm the water was read 70 plus degrees down to 160 feet. So trolled for 2 hours with meat rig at 120 and 100 feet down, 88 ft down with copper. No hits so moved the riggers up to 80 feet. Got one hit but it got away, First trip this year with none in the box.
  4. My daughter in-law may have stopped at Aldi's, I went again on Sat the 11th and Sunday. My wifes uncle got 3 kings biggest was 11 lbs, then 8 and 7, 400 plus feet of water two on copper out 400' and the other on down rigger down 85' all on meat rigs. Sunday was slow. One at 12:30 16 lbs King 85 feet down on meat rig.
  5. My Daughter-in Law did great on Saturday. 300-450 ft of water down 85' on meet rig.. Two Kings 16 and 10 lbs I went alone on Sunday 2 Kings 15 and 10 lbs.
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