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  1. I fish there often because my boat is only 16.5ft LUND, would rather fish Cayuga, but only having weekend days to fish the wind plays a big factor on my choice of lakes. I have noticed most fish I do catch are near the bottom in whatever depth I fish.----Chuck
  2. Fished Keuka Sunday, had a few on line toward the surface were the water was about 62-63. Not bad enough to get out the flea flicker line yet.
  3. 10-15 years ago I would mark suspended fish all over the water column, now most marks are on the bottom.
  4. A couple guys staying at the motel fished live sawbellies on the bottom in 120-125ft caught a lot more than I did trolling but still nothing over 22 inches.
  5. Fished south end Sunday & Monday first 2 hours of daylight each day. Boated 10 lakers total on spoons trolled within 10 ft of bottom over 120 fow. Only fished west shore. All fish were 15 to 20 in.
  6. There is no public launch in Hammondsport since the motel closed his. The state park at Branchport is your best bet. I do well on the west shore just south of the launch or go to the bluff if not too windy.
  7. Fished Keuka couple times this summer, seems fish are on bottom. Troll spoons within 10-15ft off bottom worked best for us.
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