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  1. Also seems they've fixed their wire issues or im lucky, because i have about a dozen trips on those optimums with stock cable and no issues. I couldn't find any of the replacement stuff you guys were using.
  2. What was the brand? the link doesn't work. Just ordered some optimums and am not risking a probe with the stock cable.
  3. Only things that have fired for us today was dipseys and 300 copper with spoons.
  4. I’ll be out there after a turkey hunt. I’ll post here if anything starts working. Plan is to target browns near the plan 30-60 fow and go from there. Havnt been out this year yet.
  5. 😂 okay, had to try. I’ll take 3x 16lb torpedos for 135. Plus shipping. How do I pay you / get the invoice?
  6. Would you take 160 for 4 16lb torpedo? + shipping cost to watertown, Ny?
  7. Thank you, I’m assuming spoons and cast masters are my best bet? One bright side of this covid19 panic is I might actually get time to fish.
  8. I’m stationed up at fort drum and I’m looking for something to target this spring from shore. Any spots within a hr of Watertown and set up advice is appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. Ended up 2 for 3 both on flys. Maybe i should have ran spoons.
  10. Need to get some replacements made that you cant get in stores in anymore.
  11. We went 7 for 10 all on riggers Saturday 50 degress down 100 in 8 hrs of fishing in 300 FOW Saturday and 4 for 5 in 450 FOW Sunday in 5 hrs 1 on copper rest on riggers.
  12. If you were closer id be interested.
  13. We had a giant dead musky floating out by our boat out in 200 ft of water by the plant last weekend. Never had one bite tho
  14. We went 3 for 3 all on meat in just shy of five hours of fishing in 200-300 FOW. Went all the way out to 450 with no luck out deeper.
  15. Heading out tomorrow any reports of whats been going on this week? Will update with our results.
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