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  1. Fished of the plant tonight, 4 kings and a steelhead. 2 were matures. NBK spoons and NBK flasher/fly. 270 fow 110 down to find 40 deg temps, amazing how conditions fluctuate.
  2. Piscator


    Went the FH beach and the water temps were numbing, could not swim in it..
  3. PlywoodDan, you inspire us all, keep updating.
  4. Thanks for the great report p3434.
  5. Piscator

    Fleas in Oswego

    I would say, manageable. Only a couple F-bombs.
  6. You would be a fool to post a 30 lb. fish on this site and be less than truthful. You can make a 15 lb fish look like a 30 if you want. Pics can be deceiving. We all know the tricks. That's a great fish, Congrats Bentrod.
  7. Piscator

    How do you get fleas off

    I tried 50lb mono and it was better than 30 but was still a mess after 20 min.
  8. Fish tonight, two kings around 20lbs and two steelies on spoons, The kings came on frog FF on a 400 copper,only thing fleas don't bother. One was in 212 fow and 140 fow. My riggers are a complete mess. Marked lots of fish,
  9. Piscator

    Spiny Water Flea BEST LINE?

    Smoother surface is what I've heard.
  10. Piscator

    Spiny Water Flea BEST LINE?

    Ace Charters recommends 40 lb Ande clear Mono on web page, they should have a clue what works.