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  1. Is this still available? Where are you located? Thanks, Chris
  2. Is this still available? If so, where are you located? Thanks, Chris
  3. Hello. Where are you located? I’m in Chautauqua but will be headed to Olcott the next couple weeks to fish. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Hey Bigted, Sorry if I crowded your spots. I was trying to steer clear of bigger boats’ trolling paths. Occasionally I’ll try to run parallel to guys that I would guess have down speed to see how different it might be. When I hook a fish I usually turn away from the track of the other dipsy to avoid major tangles. So far so good. The boat’s only so wide and I would guess the other dipsy is at most 10 ft away side-to-side. I keep arial flares with me just in case. I realize it’s hard to spot and I’ve actually had guys snoozing at the helm that have gotten pretty close before turning away. Looks like Friday, 8/2 should be pretty calm so I’m planning to get out again. I’m generally stabbing in the dark but I’ve managed to get half a feel for the line angle of the divers I’m using, tracking fish/depth and speed-over-ground. I might fish Friday morning/evening and then Saturday early before heading back to Chautauqua. Probably grab a nap in the truck overnight. Is there a bar or restaurant around there that guys go to after getting off the water? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. Top pic is from San Juan Island in Washington state. It was the only pick I had handy that shows the boat setup. I live in AZ but get a chance to travel a bunch in the summer for work and also my wife has a job at the Chautauqua Institute in the summers. I’ve got a couple real boats at home but it’s too much to tow them cross country. The zodiac has been to the PNW, Sea of Cortez in Mexico, Lake Ontario, and Long Island Sound so I’ve got some miles on it. I watch the wind forecasts carefully and have redundant emergency gear (hand held VHF, GPS, tools, repair kit, pump, etc). I actually feel safer going out in this than my 14ft whaler-style fiberglass boat. I’ve taken a wave over the bow whole beach launching in Mexico that filled the thing with water and aside from getting soaked, it just meant opening the drain valve while under power and it all empties out. I know it’s not invincible but you’re not going to sink the thing unless you have multiple punctures. The 15hp Johnson runs low 20’s with a medium load but you’re getting pounded if there’s any sizable chop. Just happy to be able to get on the water and catch some fish in different parts of the country. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. Hi Everyone, I got on here about a year ago and just wanted to say thanks for all the advice and tips. I’ve made it out several times but I think this is my first report. I fished out of Olcott early on Friday, 7/26 in my 13ft zodiac inflatable. No downriggers so I just use 2 rods with wire dipsy setups to a Double Deep Six diver that’s rated to go to 135 ft. Sometimes will run a long line with a banana sinker down the middle. I had read some recent reports about people marking fish in closer and that’s what I saw about 5:30am when I was getting out there. Marking small bait pods and decent fish in 70 feet of water and out. I was seeing everyone else head for deeper water and thought twice about it but I set up in 80ft with lines down approx. 50 and 70ft. First king came within 10 minutes on a Carbon 14 spoon down 50ish in 90 ft of water. The next couple of hours was pretty consistent. Went 6 for 9 with a few other bites that didn’t hook up. Most of the action was on the spoon down 50-65 feet over 90-125 fow. The other rod was a white/green spin dr. with an atommik pro/am fly down 70-80 ft. I was alone and in a tiny boat so I didn’t get the phone out much. I kept 3 kings in the mid to high teens. Released a few smaller kings, a couple decent steelhead, and broke off what felt like a huge king probably due to nicked leader from previous fish. I made it out to about 180 fow and things slowed down by around 8:30am. By the time I came back through the shallower water I wasn’t seeing the same marks that I did earlier. I guess they moved out deeper. It sounds like there are some decent fish to be had in around 100 fow fishing early or late in the day. At this point I’m not familiar enough to know where to find them out deep. Thanks again for all the advice and information. Good luck out there! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Hi Bluegiller. Do these have line counters? Any idea of the ratio (1:1, 1:2, etc,)? I’ve been looking at getting the newer uni-trolls but haven’t been able to justify the expense. Do you know if the bases and swivels are the same as the electric mag-trolls? Sorry for all the questions. I’m headed to Olcott Monday and might be able to meet up with you then. Thanks, Chris Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Does this have a built-in gas tank? Short or long shaft? I might be interested. Where are you located? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. I’m interested in the Accudepth combos. Would the rods you have paired work as diver rods? Where are you located? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Nice video and catch! Were the fleas much of an issue? I’m going for the first time out of Olcott this Sunday/Monday and running 2 dipsy rods and a high line with a 4 oz torpedo weight. I’m considering swapping 30lb braid for 50 lb big game to try to fight the fleas. Any thoughts? If you have any tips for depth or patterns I’d really appreciate it. Small boat w/o riggers or temp sensor. I’ve got some gear coming in; flashers, spoons, flies, meat rigs. Just trying to figure out where/what to start with. Loved the report. Nice video editing too. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. Thanks again guys. I'm about to place an order with Fish USA and they assured me it would get in by Friday. I'm heading out Sunday afternoon to fish that evening and all of Monday. It looks like I'm going to run some 40lb mono to try to help with the fleas. It seems everyone is having a hard time with them this time of year. I'll have to pick up some herring as I roll in on Sunday for the meat rigs. Any go-to places near the public launch in Olcott for herring, supplies, etc? I won't have a chance to cure or brine the herring so I hope that's not a deal breaker. I think I've got a handle on how to rig things but I'm wondering what the norm is for running a spoon behind a diver? I was thinking 6 ft of 20 lb flouro to a duo-lock snap to allow changing spoons. Would 30lb be a safer bet this time of year? Looking forward to getting out there. Sunday/Monday is looking good for weather. At this rate I could have paid for a charter but at least I'll have the gear for the future. I might get into wire line for the divers down the road...
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. It looks like I'll get a handful of size 28 spoons, a couple of spin doctors or flashers, a few flies, and a few meat rigs. I would love to get a charter but I'm hoping to invest in a little gear and have the option of going again and in future years. I have a couple other questions - thanks for the patience... Any go-to flashers or spin doctors I should be looking at? Should I ditch the 30lb braid in favor of mono to deal with the fleas? Would Wilson or Olcott be a better choice for near-shore (walleye, perch) or around the harbor if the wind picks up and it's not feasible to stay out? Thanks again. I'll be sure to post a report after I get out.
  13. Hello All, I've appreciated reading your reports and info. I'm gearing up for my first time fishing Lake Ontario probably out of Olcott or Wilson later this month. I'm from AZ but will be in Chautauqua the next 6 weeks for work/family. I've only got my 14 ft. Whaler-type boat with a 30hp outboard but I regularly fish the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific NW with it so I have all the necessary safety gear and will be watching the weather closely. I've got a couple of dipsy rods with 30lb braid and some divers. Unfortunately I didn't pack any of my salmon gear as I didn't think it would be necessary. I'm trying to come up with a short list of gear to have some of the necessities to have a shot at some fish. So far I'm thinking of a variety of spoons; NBK, 42nd spoon, NK Mixed Veggie, etc. I'll probably run 20-30lb floro leaders, maybe pick up a flasher or two and some flies. I've got a few questions if any of you might have a few minutes to help out: Do you typically run a flasher in front of spoons on Lake Ontario? They do up in Washington but then they're smaller spoons. What size spoon is typical? What's a good leader length from the diver to the spoon? Will 30lb braid be a problem with the fleas? Should I be looking at a flea flicker line? Would it be worth running a high line with a banana sinker to get 3 lines in the water? Which port (Wilson, Olcott, other?) would be best to launch with a small boat? I can get back in a hurry if weather picks up but it would be nice if there was some protection in the harbor. Favorite tackle shop in Wilson or Olcott? Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to help. It looks like my windows are 7/15-16, 7/22-23, and 8/5-6. I'll be keeping my eye on the weather and hope to get out there. Thanks, Chris
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