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  1. Very interesting! Will there be a lie detector test for placing individuals or teams? No matter how tight a tournament is, there is always a way to cheat.
  2. Sounds good to me! I'll bring the SG baits!
  3. This one had a gobbies in its stomach in late August.. Which made me think of using the Savage Gear Gobbie baits.. Wish I had taken better pictures of the fish.. And the Gobbie that was inside its stomach
  4. I might pass that by one of my buddies from the Avon office.. He might have some pull to get this in the ears of a few biologists.. Can't hurt to ask!
  5. It would be interesting to know they do bury into the mud.. I would guess they would seeing they are bottom feeder other then living within the rocks and stone in the warm months of the year.
  6. I agree ive noticed the numbers of gobbies are not as rampid as they are in the summer. I would guess they either might migrate out into the lake or bury in the mud for winter. When we are ice fishing in the winter I don't recall seeing or catching any gobbies..
  7. I've had petty good success on them lately.. Not sure if it's the time of the year or not. But.. The bass have taken them readily up on Fairhaven Bay
  8. Awesome video! Has anyone ever tried the Savage Gear Gobbie 3D Goby Tubes soft baits?
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