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  1. 130 feet. They ate everything. Riggers 60 down, 10 color, copper, meat, spoons, it didn't matter. Started at 6 and came home with 4 at 9 and we dropped 10. I have no idea why we dropped so many, it got aggravating especially after a king took our 10 color out 700 feet on a never ending run. Oh well, back at it tomorrow.
  2. Lines in 6 am 130ft lots of lakers on everything so we pointed NE. First fish 150ft down 100 on raspberry shadow. Nice 10 pounder. Second fish 180ft 80 down hulk RV 29" Atlantic. 180ft dipsey out 190 green meatrig gets a 17 pound king. 200 ft. Carbon 14 on 300 copper little skipper king. Couple really nice runs on meat that didn't stay hooked. All the good action was 180 to 200. Home at 10am.
  3. Tomorrow morning I'm heading out. Starting in 150.
  4. Ty. It's been tough getting out with work and kids.
  5. That's all thats left. The line broke between the 2nd and 3rd teaser.
  6. Started in 116 feet heading east. Hoped to get my youngest at least a laker...check. anyway, slid out to 160 and the carbon 14 on 300 copper got two steelhead, raspberry carbon down 70 got a 8 pound king, 10 color with a purple who knows what it was named got a 12 pounder. Got a massive dispey hit only to watch a pretty decent king come 4 feet out of the water....with my meat rig in its face. If anyone can tell me the name id appreciate it, it's been doing really well for me so far.
  7. Fog sucks. Anyway, on the water at 730 and started trolling east in 17ft. Took a while for the first bite, then it was non stop chaos on an 18ft aluminum with 2 16yr old boys and 6 rods. Couldn't keep them all in the water, doubles and tripples on anything purple blue or chartreuse. All baybrats or challengers. No spoon bite for me today. 19 for 20, then we had to call it for obligatory family fun time.
  8. Yeah, all at the same time, but I hadn't thought to check the weights. Thank you
  9. Right. We could watch over about 15 minutes it would creep forward. I'm gonna video it tomorrow.
  10. Ty. Off shore tackle with the tattle flags I use for walleye and the stock clips. I don't think is sliding down the line becasue the braid/flouro knot is within a few inches of the rear clip. It's weird because I didn't have this problem last fall. I'll try and give the front clip a wrap or 2 and see if that solves it.
  11. Thank you. I thought about that, but I didn't pick up anything and the board looked straight. I'll pay more attention to it tomorrow. I have the suspect board marked. Could the wind direction impact only one of 3 boards on a side?
  12. Last weekend I had 3 boards in the water on each side. I had the baits 100ft behind the board, then set the boards another 100, 75 and 50 out. My stbd middle board kept creeping up to the point where it was parallel to my inside board. I was trolling between 2.1 to 2.3 and the other 5 boards stayed in line nicely. What's the cause and correction?
  13. No...just first time out looking for issues...and I found one.
  14. Shakedown cruise. 15 FOW from bear creek east was loaded. Bay rat long shallow, short shallow in green and purple and Challenger in perch and blue all took fish. Purple bay rat took the most fish and hits. Then it rained and my fingers stopped working. But at least the boy was happy
  15. I have a 17.5 with 56 pound 12v terrova and I use Ipilot. I troll with the main engine basically in gear and use the trolling motor as my auto pilot for easily 8 hours on a single 12v battery. I'll use the trolling motor to fine tune my speed. I've done this for rhe last 4 years without any issues at all.
  16. Didn't all this start with the U of R protesting the Squirrel Slam a couple years ago?
  17. When I was in the Navy we did a swim call in the Caribbean somewhere...quite the big deal for a submarine. We had guys in the sail as the shark shooters. Some dudes swam, so.e fished and some lit the grill for the steel beach picnic. We didn't lose any one to the sharks and ended up eating some yellow tail. Then back to the merky deep to do some bad ass submarine ****.
  18. dhhurlburt

    for sale : usa 1997 Sportcraft 232 WAC

    Is there auto pilot on the boat?
  19. Lines in at 630. Started in 90 and worked to 130. Lots of marks down 80 and 100. Caught a couple 16 pounders on Kevin's ex girlfriend on mag dipsey out 220 and picked sunshine mag dipsey out 160. Picked up a laker on rv green jeans down 90 and had 3 other knock downs all on spoons and meat.
  20. Is the boat still available for a look?
  21. I have a tracker 175 pro guide. It does everything i want it to do on Lake Ontario. Zero complaints
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