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  1. Hey! i'm overhauling my seanymph gls195. not as big as yours but a big project non the less. Check out my thread. i'm doing a vlog on the rebuild you can check out too. Cost not so expensive. I'm in Canada and i figure if i splurge i'll be around the $1500-$2000 mark. That includes painting the outside with new decals. Biggest thing is time. I dont have mine gutted yet and i have about 20 hours in it. I recon i'll be around the 200 hr mark by the tiem i'm done. If you have any questions feel free to message me! More than happy to help
  2. New video coming soon! Lots of progress this weekend.
  3. Where were they? how did you fix them? Photos?
  4. Here's my fist introduction video on my boat overhaul. Depending on fishing this weekend. I will be tearing into it. I hope to do weekly videos depending on progress. Give me your thoughts on what you would like to see in this project!
  5. Here's my introductory video! It is a bit lengthy and boring so i apologize. It'll get a lot more interesting. i promise! If i cant get on the water this coming Saturday i'll start tearing into it. With hurricane season here it really creates rough seas on the greatlakes.
  6. Easy way to find any leak in aluminum boat is 2 simple tests. 1- fill the hull with water. and watch. 2- if you find rivets with a black ring around them, thats a loose rivet. likely causing a leak. What happens is it moves around causing friction and oxidized aluminum ring around the rivet. hope that helps!
  7. I believe it’s a 550020A. But now that I look at the specs it’s not rated for a 4 stroke. So might have to go with a different bracket. here’s a video of what I mean IMG_3994.MOV
  8. Anyone find Fulton kicker brackets not stand up too well? Rated for 9.9 4 stroke. I have to have it trimmed up when on the water because of the long shaft. Broke a bolt and bent it today on mild/rough seas. How do I fix/prevent this?
  9. Awesome! i'll do up my first video in the near future to get ideas rolling on things to do/prepare for. Thanks for the positive feedback! Waldo
  10. Hey guys! I seen a few boats that get overhauled/work done to them. Always questions. I have a 1990 Seanymph gls 195 sportfisher. I will be overhauling it this winter. I am thinking of doing a youtube series/LOU series on the build. Getting input and answering questions along the way. My question to ya'll is...Would you like that? or not to big of a desire to see that? Thank you, Minnownite Fishing Products Waldo
  11. Going to be overhauling my boat this winter. does pour foam have any R value? I am going to be relocating the live well and want to insulate it. Pour foam would be easy to work with. On that note....where do I get live well tanks? Or just get an aluminum one built? Or make one from scratch with fibreglass?
  12. Just sand it. Or aircraft paint stripper.
  13. Yes. I have boards that you can run dipsy on. Couple weeks ago i was running x2 #0 off each side and the boards still pulled hard. On the south end of the boarder i would say Amish boards. They pull hard enough to allow dipsy to be pulled. I use them with #16 elastics. Good luck
  14. This is what i use. https://scotty.com/product/no-3025-downrigger-weight-retriever/
  16. Now Available! PM me, or available at woodstock angling outfitters, Or Lambeth rod and tackle. These boards pull HARD!
  17. Now available! The best planer boards on the market. These boards pull hard! Complete with all stainless steel and powder coated aluminum. They also come with a flag for better visibility for you and everyone else. At only $260 plus taxes and shipping this is the best planer board on the market. Now taking pre orders.
  18. I'm looking to make some rod holders for my scotty 2106. The dual one with the ears. I've attached a couple of photos. I would fasten scotty rocket launchers for adjustability. I am looking at HDPE, UHMW, or aluminum. Thoughts?
  19. Anyone use or have used a black box? Just bought a pair of Scotty 2106 and they came with it. Never heard of it before now. Mostly Erie for eyes. Sometimes Ontario for salmon/trout. Thoughts? If I were to sell it what’s it worth?
  21. biggest thing is i'm in ontario. So with the current exchange rate its insane. trying to find something in canada.
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