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  1. Good morning guys! I'm looking at getting a special mate box. I currently have plano 3600's. Is there a cheaper alternative to special mate? Located in southwestern ontario. Hoping to find something used. Thank you
  2. Way off topic! but. Can you trim your kicker all the way up without having to remove your ez steer?
  3. I just open my taps and let it drain. I keep mine in a tarp shelter. No issue yet. For winter i do a full winterization.
  4. Panther model 55 tilt and trim. works like it should. No issues. Used for 2 years then upgraded motor. No longer needed. retail $1200. asking $500 obo! Pickup Tillsonburg.
  5. What style air fitting is ez steer? Not willing to pay $20 for a $2 air fitting. Thanks!
  7. If you want to fix it properly watch Boat Works Today on youtube. Teaches you step by step to do almost any repair
  8. Yes that will be a 2021 product as I’m working on a very cool design and need to have all ducks in a row before she goes to market
  9. Good morning All! Hope all is well and healthy. This year I am starting to manufacture some tools for your boats! Two of the products i'm currently working on are Planer boards, and Track adapters. The boards should be available by end of April. What I would like your opinion on are the track adapters. They are solid aluminum construction. They can take any SCOTTY rod holder, as well as SALTY S-17 rod holders. They will either be clear anodized or black powder coated. (opinion on which way to go?) They will sell for $24.99 (CAD) each. But will save the tax on a pre order!!! Your intput is greatly appreciated More info on the boards will come later. Waldo Minnownite Fishing Products 226-926-3313
  10. I have a brand new 9.9 merc pro kicker. NEVER BEEN USED only taken out of box. Going a different route. $3500 OBO. pickup tillsonburg. Can meet for serious buyer. Controls not included! 226-926-3313
  11. Best boat trailer guide? Need something that goes to the top of the boat and holds it In the Center. Only 1” clearance either side.
  12. White grease. Or fluid film for me! both work good. White grease i think would stick around a bit longer.
  13. I manufacture boards. Very similar to AMISH. Better quality. Less cost. Pm if interested.
  14. Most floors are 1/2” I believe. They started with a full aluminum construction in ‘93. Keep us updated with info and pics. I’m redoing my ‘90 this coming winter.
  15. Need a new kicker for my seanymph gls195. Had a 90's evinrude 9.9. sold it to buy a new one and deal fell through. looking at 7.5-15hp. willing to travel but would like to stay in canada!
  16. When I had it running a bit there I opened the drain valve to winterize it. Steam and air came out. No water. Quickly shut her down after that
  17. @dbitting This actually doesnt work lol. I thought the impeller would suck the water up. But it doesnt have any lift. After it is primed it will work. But the impeller itself needs to be below water level so it will suck the water. So I have to start it on the muffs then it will work. So that sucks
  18. The intake is by the engine. Not on the outboard. And I have a constant flow of water going to it and over flowing so it has constant fresh cool water.
  19. I'll be having a hose constantly running into the rub so it will have a fresh cool supply consistently
  20. Gotter going! New cap and rotor. Moved distributor in the proper place (cyl 1 on the distributor. Not engine) not my brightest moment. All I needed was to hear it run. Now to get a timing light and finish the job. But then built this! Should be good for running on land. Much better than muffs
  21. Youve run 4 years on the same leadcore without changing it? do you run boards? if so do you segment or clip straight on the leadcore? or use elastic bands?
  22. What brand/weight does everyone use? I am looking into tuf line micro lead. That way I can run 10 color where i ran 7 color before. lb size is same price point. So why would you go 18lb vs 27lb. its .001" bigger. And the same price. I fish erie walleye and ontario eyes. Thanks! Waldo
  23. So got it all back together and trying to set the timing now. I followed oem specs. cyl 1 tdc. rotor pointing toward cyl 1. but wont fire. got spark. got fuel. Going to get a new cap and rotor today. Any idea what i'm missing?
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