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  1. i have the same reels. Not yet used. And am new to the large planer boards. What are the eye guide for?
  2. I've been in contact with Mick @ kraushaar machine shop in Tillsonburg. I would be able to get a brand new short block for $1200 plus shipping. Install new bearings. Old pistons with new rings. new gaskets. Should be under $2000 and a full new engine! So i'm currently exploring that avenue. Thanks for all the advice guys!
  3. How do i search users? i tried in the search bar but nothing came up
  4. @rolmops do you have contact info? also where is he located? im in london ontario
  5. I am assuming a bad winterization. The previous owner only had it for 1 year and didnt seem to know much about it. Either he was very good at sounding like an idiot or he was.
  6. @Bigmoose2 Thanks for the story! my frost plug also pushed out behind the flywheel. The flywheel was keeping it in just enough to not cause a big water leak lol. I think i will go with that method. I dont have much to loose anyway.
  7. Purchased boat in spring 2019. Used all summer and ran well aside form a water leak i thought was coming from the exhaust manifold. So waited till now to deal with it. Removed engine. Removed manifold. No leak...Ok must be headgasket... removed it ...didnt suspect anything. Had a mechanic look at it to give me some advice before reasembly and found the block cracked! pretty bad too. So...how to repair? JB WELD? Machine shop? find a doner block? Biggest issue im having is that the engine runs great! aside from this water leak... 1990 omc 3.0L
  8. If things work out and go well i would also look into such things. It could easily take a few years to get it all figured out, I don't want to jump in head first and get burnt. But i also think this is a very good possiblity to work out. I did think about the rod holders, and trees. But not the other accessories. Do you have pics of any you have/would like?
  9. I have been looking at adding a track system to my boat. But like many anglers here I find them quite pricey. I am currently looking into mfg my own. Track and adapters to accommodate your rod holders. I would attempt to sell them for a fraction of the cost. Full aluminum and stainless components. Thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.
  10. Sounds like a bad ground. Check the terminals for the main power and ground going to your fuse panel
  11. well thats what the foam is in there for right? keep me above the water? you can wire a bilge so it can run off of the float or manual? ill have to look into that. And surprisingly enough the transom is solid. However since ill be overhauling the whole boat i will be replacing the transom anyway. I currently have the engine out for a headgasket and its dry and solid. must have been replaced. I cant see it being original from 1990 and looking like it does
  12. I will be trying color coded braid for 2020, not for dipsy but for flat lining and with jet divers. i have some old penn reels that ill be using. should give some good insite on how much line you have out. heres an artical i just posted on 6-8. https://www.longpoint.on.ca/forum/index.php?threads/colored-braid.80498/
  13. The water level is above the floor level. by about 2-3" or so. Seems kinda sketchy to just drill holes in the transom to let water drain...but thats why i ask. Considering not a lot of amount of water would actually be coming from the wash down i think the bilge is the way to go...i would have 1 manual pump and 1 auto so i definitely have a backup. thoughts?
  14. Currently it's carpet. Which has a rotten floor. Next winter I'll be doing a full overhaul. It will be some sort of vinyl I think. Definitely not carpet. So if I understand you correct @Bozeman Bob I would have a thru hull about 4" above the water line and it just drains? It would fill my bilge before it would reach that. Unless I built up my dog house so water couldn't drain into the bilge... Thoughts? Here's a pic with the engine out right now.
  15. How do you go about doing a washdown kit? where would the best place be to "suck" water from? bilge/transome area? What about where the water goes? auto bilge? not much info on these for some reason. it will be installed on a 1990 gls195 I/O. Thanks Waldo
  16. I second a GLS best boat ive been in to date-for the price point that is. try and get a 1993-1995 they came with a fully aluminum construction, vs earlier or older they had a wooden floor,transom. Good luck with your search
  17. Hey guys, Been really enjoying everyones posts! but havent found one on removal of bearing carrier. I have a 3.0L omc. Water in oil. Pressure test showed the bearing carrier. Anyone have tips of what to/not to do to remove it? pully puller? diy with chain and threaded rod? 2,3,4 points of contact? heat? no heat? Thanks
  18. like Jack i also use minnkota. i have a seanymph gls195. evinrude 9.9 for thrust and i use the terrova for auto pilot. works like a charm on erie for eyes and ontario for salmon
  19. G'day all. Waldo from tillsonburg ontario. Fish erie mostly out of my 1990 seanymph gls 195. Fished lake O once and hope to do more next year! thanks for having me. My brother and i also run a storage facility. If anyone is in need of indoor storage for london area please contact me. Keep on keepin on
  20. Hey @NymphO awsome job on the resto! I think i bought my forever boat. 1990 seanymph gls195 with a 3.0L omc inboard. Love it and want to restore it this or next winter. I have restored 2 in the past so have some experience. Is there anything you would do different? or any suggestions on what to do or not to do? thanks Waldo
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