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  1. Looks like a fall fish to me. Or at least like the many I have seen in the past.
  2. So I was just wondering how big some of the atlantics are that have been landed on lake O.
  3. I am getting a Lund 1800 Sport Angler with a 150 Yamaha. I have a Garmin Echomap Ultra ordered. I was going to buy the Garmin trolling motor and use that as a pilot. Is there a better option?
  4. Thanks. I think my only option is to order a new boat with out a motor 6-8 weeks out.
  5. I am seriously considering buying a 2019 Lund Sport Angler in the next two weeks. I am somewhat disappointed I cant find one (a 2019/2020) without a motor as the only options seem to be Merc. My preference hands down would be Yamaha. So, I am a avid troller and was wondering if some of you could suggest a trolling motor/fish finder combo that has a bottom building option. As a commercial fisherman from Maine I have used the Max Sea and Time Zero for going on 20 years so I thought this would be a great option for trolling. I have been looking at the Garmin Ultra and the Garmin trolling motors. Seems like this may work well but I am not sure the Garmin trolling motor has a long enough shaft. Some times I troll live and sewn bait so .9 to 1.1 is the target speed. So for trolling and using the trolling motor to steer the boat while using the kicker to push the boat what are some good options?
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