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  1. Do the scotties have the option to follow the bottom like the Cannons? Thats a very nice feature when fishing lakers here in Maine.
  2. Not yet. When I looked on the dealer site from Ohio it didn’t show much for inventory so I figured I would need to wait forever to get the package I wanted.
  3. Thanks, I have pretty much decided on a North River.
  4. Is this boat still available?
  5. I am aware this may be a difficult time for some but I would consider a fishing trip in the near future if there was any boats up and running.Are there any boats fishing at this time? Any recommendations of who to call on short notice? I live about 12 hrs away and could fish anytime the weather permits Friday-Mondays.
  6. OMG...... I have caught many 100" blue finn tuna but that is a fish of my dreams.
  7. Yes, between this 18 and a 19'. Rigged right I could fish salmon in a 3,000 acre lake here in Maine or stripers on the coast and the occasional blue finn tuna trip out to 12 miles.
  8. Thanks. Check out the two options I called about above. The North River is older 2005 but only 120 hrs on the Yamaha
  9. http://www.clemensmarina.com/boatdetail.php?id=3252 http://www.clemensmarina.com/boatdetail.php?id=3410 You talked me into it. These look like two options that would also be better boats in salt water. Notice the North River is a 2005 but its 96" wide vs the 2019 Hewes Craft at 86"
  10. What are some other Brands that build aluminum boats that are as good or better then Lund? For fishing only
  11. How do the Crestliners hold up compared to the Lunds? And is Lund still building the same qulity they were prior to being bought out by Brunswick? You know how things go. Normally when a company is bought out quality deteriorates.
  12. Yes sir, I have a great relationship with the local Yamaha dealer. As a commercial fisherman that travels the cost of New England I see more Yamahas then all others combined.
  13. I havent found one yet that will. I have spoken to 3 Lund dealers in Maine and one in NH
  14. Thanks all for the replys. This is where I am at. I have been looking around for a 2019-2020 Sport Angler with out a motor so far I have not found one. So I thought I would order one and wait the 6-8 weeks. There is a dealer in Hookset New Hamshire with several 2019s with Merc 150hp and a 9.9 kicker for $42,000. So I asked how much for one without any motors. He called me back and said $35,600. We talked for awhile but these numbers just dont make since. See Brunswick Marine ownes Merc and Lund boats so they push hard for the complete package. I know two people on the lake I live on that had issues with their Merc's less then 2 years old that the company would not go good for. If any of you know of a dealer with a 1800-2000 Sport Angler with out motors let me know. Or a good used one.
  15. Scalloper 1

    Sold / Closed 2012 Lund Sport Angler 1800

    I have been looking for a good used one 8 years old or less. Man they are scarce.
  16. Wow. I catch good numbers of atlantics here in Maine (109 in July) but most 1.5-3 lbs
  17. Looks like a fall fish to me. Or at least like the many I have seen in the past.
  18. So I was just wondering how big some of the atlantics are that have been landed on lake O.
  19. I am getting a Lund 1800 Sport Angler with a 150 Yamaha. I have a Garmin Echomap Ultra ordered. I was going to buy the Garmin trolling motor and use that as a pilot. Is there a better option?
  20. Thanks. I think my only option is to order a new boat with out a motor 6-8 weeks out.
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