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  1. I have thought the same thing for years. We were on a charter a couple of years ago. My buddy landed a med king and told the mate to let it go. The Capt nearly fell overboard.
  2. Other places we have fished on LO the fish cutters kept the fish frozen for us. I was hoping there would be a option here as well.
  3. My wife and I are planning a trip to Oswego for 8 days of fishing. Is there a option for a place to keep fish frozen while we are there?
  4. I have wore out probably a dozen vacuum sealers. I decided to buy a chamber sealer a few years back. The bags are only $.04-.06 each. The vacuum seal bags are very expensive. And the chamber sealer does a far better job.
  5. Do Atlantics get caught with bait rigs? I do understand they are basically a incidental
  6. Most of my fishing here in Maine is targeting Atlantic salmon (211 to the boat so far in 2021). If some of you were going to target them what are some of your choice lures? I am experimenting with some Michigan Scorpions and so far I am very impressed.
  7. Thats my buddy on his boat. Ya I dont have snubbers on my dipsy rods ether.....yet
  8. I have been planning on doing a trip to LO before now but the action seemed slow. From the guys I have spoken to from Henderson to Oswego it seems like the action is picking up a bit from what it has been. I am considering making my first trip of the season Thursday-Monday of this week.
  9. A buddy of mine from Maine is fishing out of Oswego this week. Yesterday he landed two kings 22 and 14. Today he landed this 26 lb. He seems to be getting them on different baits nothing specific. He is only running 3 rods out of his 16’ boat. Not bad for only being his third trip on the big water
  10. Thanks, unforchantly it is showing code 84438 Tiger pink but it does not offer that color in anything.
  11. Seems like they should put as much effort in bilge water from shipping vessels entering the Great Lakes
  12. I looked around on the web but I could not find any lure stickers in watermelon. I have a bunch of lures that have not been producing so I would like to change them like the ones in these two pictures. Any idea where I can buy some?
  13. Super, maybe others do use smelt in their meat rigs I have just never read about it or herd of it. As you may or may not know sewn smelt is the best option here in New England for big Atlantics, brookies and lakers. Seems like a great option for the meat rigs
  14. Basically any hull/top modifications can be built using fiberglass. I live in Downeast Maine. I visit boat shops weekly that build/modify boats. If you wanted to get this done by a professional just PM me these guys can do about anything and it will be done right. To give you a idea. These guys often will take a boat thats 35-55' cut it length wise and lengthen it as well as widen it. Sounds easy but there is a lot of science that goes into those kinds on hull modifications to get the boat to sail efficiently. So to modify or build a custom top is a cake walk.
  15. I see most if not all guys are using west coast herring for their meat rigs. With a great population on smelt in Lake O why not dip smelt in the spring and use those for the meat rigs? Seems like a more natural scent and presentation.
  16. Unreal fish. Thanks for sharing.
  17. I don't think any of this matters. Fish don't see colors and light the way we do.
  18. NOAA is one of the most corrupt government organizations period. They lie cheat and steal and are never held accountable for their corruption. In 2010 they lost $14,000,000 of fine money collected from fines assessed to fishermen. After a brief investigation it was found that there has not been one case of a fisherman beating a case in court, not one. How can that be? And they did find some of the $14,000,000 spent on a luxury yacht as well as European family vacations for employees. Call and commercial or recreational fisherman on the East or West coast and ask them about NOAA
  19. Lol, some of you Libtards are pathetic. You have the Clintons murdering people as well as your great governor and Cuomo responsible for directly killing 45,000 and your concerned about some ducks .Ignorance at its best
  20. I agree. I have owned boats all of my life and used them mostly in salt water. I will say after the first time exposed to salt water most if not all fasteners will be much more difficult to remove. It the boat was left at a marina or on a moring for extended periods on time the corrosion will be noticeable.
  21. I said keep your bull **** opinions to yourself! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Keep your negative remarks to your self. If you cant keep on topic move on....
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