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  1. I think its better fishing to the East now from what I am being told.
  2. My wife and I had to go back to Maine for a few days for work and to pick up our Grandson Gabe. We have been out a few days and still are having decent luck. I did take a guy from PA with me a couple of late afternoon trips. Sunday we struggled with only 5/16 in 10 hrs. We just could not keep them on the hooks but we did land one 21-22” Atlantic that went back. Monday evening we got out for 3 hrs and went 4/6 with one king that was a hog at 39” (no weight) Gabe also done what he could to land one 37”. We went 5/6 this morning before work from 6:15-8.The temp at 130’ was 44 degrees at 50’.
  3. I ripped the straps off of one of my Cabela drift bags. I am looking for one or two preferably amish outfitters within 50 miles of Fair Haven
  4. If you would have dropped a sabiki rig to bottom you would have known quick.
  5. We had another great week chasing chinooks. On Friday a member here Tim Thomas joined me. I hired Tim to come on my boat back in 2020 to do a educational charter. Some of the best money I have spent. Tim and I have become friends. He even made a trip to Maine last summer in hopes of landing a giant bluefin tuna while fishing with a buddy of mine. They set out the lines for a short period of time and the chase was on. They landed a beautiful giant. Tim and I left the dock at o-dark 30 a little before 5am. We set out in 470’ trolling north. The rods started firing before we got all of our rods out. Tim is a top notch fisherman that grew up on LO learning from some of the best. I always learn a ton when fishing with him. By 10:30 we boated 11 kings with 6 fish in the 30”+ range 3 were 16-20 lbs. We kept 3 and released the rest. On Saturday my wife joined me for a morning trip. We left the dock at 5 am and steamed to 550’. We got 5 rods in when one of the wire rods fired with a flasher fly. She reeled in a nice coho. I just got the rod set and had a rigger fire. The rod stayed loaded and the fish burned line out to 1,348’ before I could get the other 5 rods in. After over a hour fight we netted a 25+ lb king that was foul hooked in the dorsal fin. She had a tremendous amount of pressure on this fish for the hook to hold. I am still baffled. By 10 am we boated 4 kings and a coho. We kept 3 kings 26,16,18 lbs.
  6. Where were you fishing out of? I think the fishing can very in different ports.
  7. My wife and I bagged out yesterday on silver fish with 6kings (4 kept) a brown, steel head and two lakers. Largest chinook was 24 lb 14oz IMG_2361.MOV
  8. Yes, it was the first one sold in Maine when Al’s took on the franchise in 2020
  9. Great post. There are no public cleaning stations here in Fair Haven.
  10. My wife and I are having some success hooking into a few kings and browns. We have been here for 15 days and fished 9 part days landed 42 kings, 8 browns, 1 steal head and one laker. We record the temperature several times per day and also what lures we take all of the fish on. I don’t own a Fish Hawk X4 but I do own the Fish Hawk TD. I find that to be better in some ways then the X4. I send it down my wire dipsy lines and also my shoot dipsy rod with mono to confirm I am fishing the depths I want. I have also found one upwelling where the temperature came way up off of bottom to 60' vs 100-110' holding mature kings. Out of the 42 kings landed only 12 were less then 20”.
  11. I am fishing out of Fair Haven for a few weeks. Are there areas where I may have some success trolling for walleyes this time of the year? Thanks
  12. Yesterday in 160' off of Fair Haven I had 0-75'=73 85=72.3 95=72 100=67 105=60 110=52 115=43.6 120=42.5 130=42
  13. What is on them for line? Where are you located?
  14. I have the same unit they are the cats a$$ great machine.
  15. Please let me know if the deal falls through. I am only a few minutes from there.
  16. We landed 9 kings and a brown on Saturday in 7 hrs. Hopefully I am getting my gear on track.
  17. We left the dock at 5am and fished until I had to go to work at 9am. landed 3 mature Kings and missed 3. went back out at 4:30-8:30 and landed 7 3 19- 20 lbs and one 25 lbs. I will take a 10 fish day in 7 hrs in a small boat any day.
  18. From what I am told there are no public fish cutting stations in Fair Haven? we even offered to pay the fuel dock to use their station but got rejected. Are there any other public options? Thanks
  19. I went mate on a 42' Fin Cat out of Portland Maine a few years ago. It had twin 300's and would top out at 45 mph. This one had a hydrofoil midship. At 25-27mph + most of the boat would come up on the hydrofoil and out of the water and glide over 3-4' of chop. That was the most stable comfortable riding boat I have been on at higher speeds. Sid to she was again very stable. IMO they would be perfect for the Great Lakes. The only drawback I saw (which would seldom be a issue on LO) was a deep following sea as when they crest the top going down over at high speed they will bury the bow resulting in a rapid stop. But as with any boat just drive it according to the conditions.
  20. Yesterday morning we had 2 shakers from 5:15-8:30 when I left for work. Last evening from 4:30-8:30pm we started in 300' and trolled to 550'. We were 2/3. Temp was 62 deg at 60' and 55 deg at 75' 46 deg at 90 if I remember correctly. I cant get a wire rods to fire. The last three times out its been downriggers only with spin doctor and bait or 8" board with bait. And yes I have tried baits on the wire at times with no action. I even put my Fish Hawk TD on the dipsy and set out to 250' to confirm the depth ratio.
  21. I was down looking the lake over at daylight yesterday morning and I could see whit caps off in the distance. Seems like about 12-1pm the wind let go.
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