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  1. I am not sure about NY but in Maine fishing is considered essential both commercial and recreational. People need a way to feed themselves and it can be done at a safe distance.
  2. It makes no since. Seems like people could keep their distance while coming and going from a boat launch. A perfect example of government over reach. The fact is you have a 1/1,000 chance in getting this flu if you led a normal life.
  3. I will take the two rod holders with the tracks if still available
  4. Do many of you fish with tipped bait (adding a small live bait to a streamer) or live/swen bait? Seems like it would be possible to sit above a school of elwive,smelt or goby and jig with a Sabiki bait rig to catch live bait.Then do a slow troll. Live bait works very well fishing most all other species from brook trout, small and large mouth bass, walleye and blue finn tuna. The most successful blue finn fishermen are better bait fishermen and the Sabiki is the go to.
  5. Looks like I will be stuck fishing the lake I live on for the next few months. But I could be in a worse situation for sure.
  6. I received a answer from Garmin. They don't offer the Force without the foot control. At $3,100 I think I will look at other companies
  7. When buying the Force is there a option to buy it at a cheaper price without the foot control? Man I was very surprised with the very high price. Considering many of us never fish bass many of us would have no use for the foot control. I have been considering buying the Garmin ultra and the Force but those prices are crazy to other options.
  8. I am going to have a Garmin brush less trolling motor and plan on fishing tuna using spot lock. No anchor line to mess with and could slowly move about the bank.
  9. I have used a similar recipe for 25 years but I only cold smoke for 24 hrs never over 70 deg.
  10. I dont see how this situation will improve before June. And even then IMO it will not be business as normal until there is a flu shot for the Chinese virus. The reality is we need to think about the long haul
  11. I use atlantic mackerel for live bait for striper and blue fin
  12. The durability. As a commercial fisherman for the last 33 years I watched the Maine Marine Patrol buy several brands of boats for service in a ocean environment. One brand held up ok the other two got really beat up quick. Those may work well for most but I wanted a boat that I could fish lakes as well as the ocean for striper, haddock and a few blue fin tuna trips per year out to 20 miles or so. The west coast style boats are designed with fishing the ocean in mind. The rails are perfect for the flush mounted rod holders used for the 130 class rods used for blue fin tuna. I would not need to load the tuna I would just tow it in at 7-10 kts as we have done at times in the past. We tow them for a hour or so minimum regardless so towing them two hrs is no big deal and it would actually cool the fish much better then ice.
  13. April 1st Honda offers a 6 year warrentee vs a 5 year in March.
  14. I am very impressed with how well they are built and believe it or not this was a couple 1,000 cheaper then the other 18' boats of this style I looked at. Lifetime warrentee on the whole boat including the deck.
  15. After many days and many conversations with dealers from mostly the west coast I found a boat. I looked at Hewes Craft, North River and Duckworth. There is only one dealer for any of these boats here on the east coast. A dealer here in Maine just took on Duckworth boats in February. This was the first one he has sold. It has a 135 Honda and starting April 1st they come with a 6 year warrentee. I pick the boat up on Wednesday.20'6" long with a 96" beam 135 Honda and a 42 gal tank dry weight of 1,656 lb
  16. I went to the only Duckworth dealer on the east coast on Wednesday. Man the 20' Adventure Sport was beautiful and I was very impressed with how well built they were. For me it would be a boat that really should last a lifetime.
  17. I am looking for Cannon Mag 10 down riggers or others that have the bottom tending option  

    1. Yankee Troller

      Yankee Troller

      I have 2 DigiTroll 10 Tournament Series (the white ones) for sale. $900/ea

  18. Its not neighboring states you should be worried about. NYC is the hot spot
  19. I fixed that for you. In a couple of weeks we may not have even peaked, sadly
  20. I have a mast with two reels that i had in the bow of my smaller 16' boat. Being that far forward did work well. I will keep using that and just run a line to each planer line and pull the line back to hook the release into.
  21. So how much for two with bottom tracking?

  22. If I mount my planner mast on the rail should I get the 36" or 72"? 72 may be to high?
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