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  1. With a governor like NY has I think you have alot more to worry about.
  2. I do. That was why I asked. If you have a issue move on
  3. I have not seen the Saiff Charter fleet post any updates since May 16th. Is fishing that slow?
  4. What ranch? I hunt the Flying 5B
  5. Thank you very much. I had over looked all of the above suggestions. I may bring my wife and both of us would enjoy seeing the falls. Also, walleye is a species that is on my list. Being from Maine I have never seen one. I have made up my mind, if I go to LO in two weeks I will try the Bar.
  6. Good to know. If I am going to drive 12 hrs i may as well go further. How far should I consider? Thanks
  7. I was wanting to make my first trip to Lake O before now but from all reports I have received the fishing has been off so far this season. I am planning of a 3 day trip the end of the month somewhere from Sodas to Henderson. I have a 20' Duckworth I will bring from Maine. So is there any indication the fishing will improve or is that the million dollar question? I spoke to a charter captain two days ago that said its the worst year for browns he has ever seen. It seems odd to me considering the lack of fishing pressure the south shore got last spring due to Covid restrictions. Seems like the fish that did not get caught last spring would have made for a better then normal spring this year. So where would be the best area for me to consider starting in 10 days from now? Thanks
  8. I have it on my Garmin Ultra. Although it has remarkable detail of the bottom I dont find it marks individual fish well at all. It marks schools of bait with great detail as you can see the densities well especially when the bait is tight to bottom.
  9. A buddy of mine and 3 others have been fishing out of North Sandy since Monday. The last two days the weather has been good enough to get out in the main lake. They have tried from 5-15' 30-40', 50-60' and 130' but man its been slow. Not marking much bait at all. They did mark a few bigger fish in 30-40' suspended but very little action. Mostly trolling waited spoons from planner boards and riggers. 12 hr ride pulling a boat and not much action. Thats fishing. So far 3 lakers from the main lake no browns.
  10. Just the way the Dems planed it. All of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.
  11. I was just going to post the same thing. I bought a Sunbeam bread knife 15-18 years ago at Wal Mart. In my area we have the largest Atlantic salmon farms in the US. I use to buy the whole fish and fillet 100s of lbs for smoking. I still use the same knife with the same blades for perch and it works fine. It does heat up and always has but works great.
  12. I bought a gage tool to measure the rod tip as well as the tip size. I fixed probably 12-15 rods last winter for cheep.
  13. How is the boat landing in Sackets Harbor for a 16' boat?
  14. Man those are on my bucket list for sure. Being from Down east Maine I have never seen one before. I did try for then last August in LO out of Henderson but not a nibble.
  15. Ya I agree. The forecast I saw was giving upto 30 NW. Seems like it would take a day or two to lay down after that much wind. Thanks
  16. I am considering making the 12 hr drive out to LO. Anywhere from Henderson to Sodus. Thought about leaving 6pm today and fish Fri-Sunday. But the weather dont look all that great. Any thoughts?
  17. Is internet available in that area?
  18. The box was around $68. Holds 90 spoons very nicly
  19. Thanks, that pointed me in the right direction but I dont hardly see any of the new ones I have from the last 3 years. Is there a option to list certain ones then print the sheet?
  20. So I purchased a SpoonCrank Box as recommended by some on here. I think its going to be just what I was looking for. My question is how do some of you identify your spoons (Michigan Stingers/Northern King) after you open them and place them in the box? I understand many of you have been using many of these for years but I do not have them all memorized yet. Is there any printable charts with the spoon and names?
  21. I have fished in alot of areas in the Gulf. I love eating most all types of fish but I cant get into anything in the Gulf except shrimp that I peel myself. My least favorite is red fish and spec trout. My oldest son has lived in San Antonio for 9 years. I do however like the hogs if harvested in dry areas away from any swamps.
  22. My plan was to use a 4 bead chain swivel for a connection between the main line and a 7.5' fluro leader
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