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  1. I'm surprised you werent getting lakers to go on your divers and flashers. Constantly change how far they're out if they're not getting bit. All I run are size 1 dipsys divers (regular size) and run them anywhere from 30 -275 out. 275 is about maxed, you should be around 100 feet at that depth on a 2 setting. There are some days they want spoons on divers. Sometimes spoons buried and sometimes spoons up high. When the Lakers are aggressive and feeding you will get the higher marks to go I've found on spoons. Some days you need to bury a flasher on a rigger and diver to get bit , depends on their mood. If the flashers aren't going switch to spoons. What they like varies from something natural to bright colors, a spoon buried on a diver and another mid column will take active Lakers and silvers, in my experience. if your divers aren't going on Cayuga while targeting primarily Lakers, change something.
  2. Been out on Cayuga on charters 2-3 times a week so I thought I'd give a report. Fish remain scattered throught the column and into shallow depths. Most recent surface temp was 64-67 yesterday afternoon/evening, warmest I've seen all year. The trolling bite has been consistent, but what they want and how they want it has not. Mix between flasher / fly and various spoons for Lakers, they haven't been on a "eat anything" type bite, for me anyways the last few trips out, with a few exceptions. So dialing in certain rods and positions has been key. The rainbow and Atlantic fishing has been good as well. A mix of natural and bright colored spoons is working , surface lines and 1-5 color lead cores with stingers is the most effective. Speed changes and direction changes as well have been getting my rods to move when things slow down later in the day. Lots of variables to play with and think about, but that's why I love trolling. Been having some people that have been wanting to try jigging as well and that has also been good but not crazy. Moving around to find active fish and then getting them to chase and bite is the whole game. With some effort, it's been producing pretty well on some nice Lakers. the best is yet to come as the fish get set up in there summer patterns. Good luck to everyone out on the finger lakes, have an enjoyable and safe summer of fishing.
  3. My high rigger I run a minimum of 50 feet back. Often longer. Just how I personally fish. 30 ft up to the surface you're looking at mostly silvers but not always. 40-80 takes Lakers consistently plus other species. Active feeding fish can also get out of the way of boat noise and come back into the spread for longer presentations. many times with a blank screen you can get bit. All things to consider
  4. Most times I run my low rigger on the finger lakes with a 10-15 foot lead off the ball, or less. Lakers usually aren't too bothered by it. But they can be if so stretch 25-30. That's as long of a lead that I've run fishing on the finger lakes and working on charter boats on lake Ontario when it comes to Laker deep. Try varying your speeds for sure. They're not afraid of higher speeds. Spin doctors with flys run down low are deadly on Cayuga for lake trout and are very speed tolerant. They also just might not like what you're using or just flat out aren't hungry. Anything under 90 feet I use a flasher/fly. 80 and up spoons are effective. The suspended Lakers 40-70 or even much higher are usually on the feed. Dipsy divers fished in this range are deadly and much farther away from the boat. Lots of variables when trolling which means lots of thinking. Keep playing with all the variables.
  5. Nice. Think I saw you come out and set up when I was going back to the dock. My silver program fell short but I know if theyre there and biting my rods fire. Still doesn't get better when you expect them to go! I've been humbled by owasco before and I will be again. Looks like you had a good day, nice.
  6. Covered tons of water, sticks, one colors, two colors w stingers, High divers n riggers. Silvers/Lakers wanted nothing to do with it.
  7. Fished south end this am...slowest day I've had in these water temps. Water color good, lures and spread I have serious confidence in given the conditions. Granted I was targeting browns/fish higher in the column and trolling 2.5 plus mph...even my deep rigger rotted any time I slid deeper just looking. I was not so much looking for marks as I was active fish high in the column (often you don't/won't mark the high cruising fish) and it was a grind. Just seemed off for me. Hope others did better than we did.
  8. How are you running the flies ? Just flat lines ?
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