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  1. Looks like a great time! What kind of water were you fishing for the laker? Heading out on Friday for the week. Thanks!
  2. Started out the morning headed out of the harbor heading northwest into about 160 ft. Set up a NW troll into about 220, most hits came at right around 200 FOW 40-60 ft on downriggers. White/glow paddles with meat took most of the larger class of fish. Bullfrog oki with meat got hit hard before he spit the hook. Definitely a real nice fish. White/glow FF also took a nice king. 175’ copper with a glow alewife mag was on fire all day. Late afternoon we went back out, set up in pretty much the same area. Same 175’ inline planer setup picked up right where it left off from the morning. It was overall more of a spoon bite and white and black seemed to be the ticket, fishing the same depths as earlier. Biggest fish of the day came around 530pm. Ended up somewhere around 15 fish, maybe 20 bites… mix of kings and coho. Fair amount of small fish but 6-7 over 10lb, with the highlight being a 22lb that came on meat parked at 50’. Overall it was a good day! I’ll be back out in the morning on channel 68!
  3. Just got here for the next week. Thanks for the promising report!
  4. Mines actually the opposite. I’m rigging up a bow ballast tank to be able to level it out a little. Maybe it’s the heavy outboards. Since the picture I’ve put on a new 9.9 power tilt and autopilot so the stern is pretty heavy
  5. Finishing up a full restoration of a 1987 Crestliner Sabre G/L. Desperately looking to buy a hard top that was optional on these boats. Don’t care too much about condition and plan on refurbishing whatever I can get my hands on. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Been hammering the trench since Sunday. Seeing fish on the screen 80-100ft over 120 just nothing taking. Dropped down for a couple nice Lakers but nothing salmon wise yet. This morning had a hit on a FF down 85 in the trench but didn’t get a hook in him. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Amen! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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