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  1. Additional pics were asked for, here they are. Price has been lowered to $175.
  2. McWally


    good insight, thanks. Hard part now is remembering to buy worms.
  3. Really dont want to deal with the craigslist crowd-price drop $175.
  4. McWally


    I even bought a bunch of spoons out of the cheap box at fat nancy's and rigged up my own spoon harnesses, just have never used them.
  5. McWally


    Its been tougher than normal this year on the eastern basin for me. The big days are far in between. When I'm trolling over great marks and not moving a rod ive been tempted to load up the riggers and boards with either spoon or spinners with worms but never do. Anyone having any luck with the walleye meat rigs in the eastern basin during summer/late summer?
  6. Raven Matrix XL Centerpin paired with 3 piece Raven Matrix 12'9" Matrix Rod plus reel case. Lightly used. Asking $250.
  7. Herters 72 decoys for sale-35 of them. The old squaw (12) are hardly used and in great shape. The others are burlapped, armored up and painted. The burlapped decoys are a mixed of greater scaup, redhead, and black ducks. I figured I could mix in the blacks with a diver setup since they could pass for hen scoters which mix in around here in Jeff county and could also be primo shoreline dekes. They have never been hunted over and are like new. These are heavy duty decoys that will likely last your entire hunting career and are hard to come by. Included is three decoy bags, one normal sized and the other 2 are goose decoy sized. Cash deal Chaumont area for pickup. Asking $1100. Price drop: $500!
  8. My two cents; lots of this sort will be a hotter commodity in the future. Someone who doesn't hunt will find as much added value as a hunter for many increasingly obvious reasons. So, advertising it as a place for respite, or homesteading, or as a store of value will be as equally appealing to some as those pictures of bucks is to a hunter. I'm way up in the north country of NY and the days of a $1000 an acre are pretty much gone. 11 acres of hay field just went for 33,000 near me. I wished to have it, and thought I'll just wait him out, but it sold quickly to an out of stater, which really puzzled me, because who the heck is trying to move to NY lol. Wood lots with the potential for timber harvesting/management is a great little passive income additive too. In that neck of the woods you got a lot of buffalo/rochester eyeballs shopping for that opportunity of fresh air too. I think Prof in the above post makes great points. Lease that land for passive income would be smart. Guys with buck fever will pay more than the yearly taxes. With markets being as wobbly as they are, smart investors know land prices dont fall off a cliff like stock prices can. I'd start at 5k an acre personally, but would entertain leasing it first.
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