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  1. Ok, thanks, that’s what I assumed.
  2. If I catch a fish at 11pm and want to enter it in LOC, can I considering it won’t be weighed in until next day?
  3. Plenty of fish in close between stony and sandy ponds.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for report.
  5. No, no, no. The premise of this is political, and folks are allowed respond politically. There is no problem with some guy shooting a turkey or deer on state land with lead. The left worrying about a racoon eating a lost pheasant or some “redneck” having lead for breakfast, thus ginning this Bill up is very funny. Creating an environmental issue out of thin air and offering the solution that promotes an agenda is political. No sane outdoorsman has thought to himself out hunting the uplands that lead is a problem that requires a collectivist effort to overcome. Next, they’ll say, ‘look at how far air guns have come’, now we are going to solve noise pollution. ‘We are going to help all these country bumpkins from losing their hearing from black powder’ and right on cue romlops would ask us “can you hear me now?”
  6. Boom, ok I’m on the right track now, thanks!
  7. Smallmouth and walleye 5-20ft. I’m leaning towards these simple ones.
  8. What is the best style of jighead for swimbaits like keitech?
  9. Hearsay, but from a good source said a deal between Hochul and the Reservation let these dudes walk.
  10. What about the idea they basically have little fat left once exiting the creeks, thus the pale color?
  11. Pro cure brine and dye might help. I think you are suppose to treat the bait prior to freezing though.
  12. Started at 9am today out of Stony Creek. The best water color and temp wise was right in front of creek. 44-46 degrees. Wasted time heading straight to mouth of Sandy Pond. Thick mud, debris everywhere, and temp was 41. Headed back to Stony and fished out front and landed six browns and a nice walleye by 1 and left. Bombers, bay rats and Michigan stingers.
  13. Chowder explained it well in your original post for bar fishing mag lips. Three-way is a good way to stir bottom longlining. I think it produced bigger than average lakers, but I’m no pro on lakers. I’ve never drifted shiners out there, but we drift emeralds in the river on a three way about 12” dropper to a pencil lead and Octopus through the nose. Gunna have to play with leads to your baits. Maybe someone who has a better memory than me can help.
  14. Nice job! How were the eggs?
  15. Slow roll three swivels with a dropper weight and a flatfish/qwikfish for lakers out there.
  16. https://www.maine.gov/ifw/docs/lake-survey-maps/hancock/spring_river_lake.pdf best guess, common shiner.....
  17. Looks good, nice catch! Care to say what kind of leader your using?
  18. Bigeye chub or lake chub, maybe. Where in Maine and what habitat?
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