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  1. I dont think you’re being fair to me Gator. I said the AHA link was a warning, and places like Japan have actually begun putting warning labels on the vaccines because the cardiac risks are significant, especially for the younger population. You claim in an earlier message protecting the vulnerable is an important reason to get the shot, which is what the pundits were saying early on to sway the opinion of folks, but has since been debunked because it does stop transmission. Why are you still pushing that narrative? Do you believe the state of New York has more merit than the Ontario/Germany data I provided detailing vaccinated cases outnumbering unvaxxed? New York has over 70% vax rate and is breaking infection records. Do you trust the pcr test methodologies that have been used to test to extrapolate data? Maybe if NY puts covid cases back into nursing homes we can really solve sexual harassment once and for all, then we can have a govt with the merit I need for analysis. I’m happy someone in the ring here has chimed in because there is this huge elephant in the room called natural immunity that the experts ignore. With over 100 solid studies, some done on enormous scale, depicting solid protection from previous infection (like, duh, why do we have to rediscover this), why exactly is that being ignored? Several studies showing no worthwhile advantages to the addition of a vax on top of recovery, even data showing adverse reactions are worse for the naturally immune. Why has ‘do no harm’ been replaced with ‘what harm can it do?’
  2. You’re not asking the right question, really... The brown line represents all cause death, weekly, for age class 10-59, vaccinated, per 100,000. The blue line represents all cause death, weekly, for age class 10-59, unvaccinated, per 100,000. Per British Govt data, twice as likely to die if vaccinated in the timeframes shown. All cause mortality is a broad way to zoom out and get a broad sense. What I’m pointing out is not definitive, it’s strong, but my point is to raise skepticism and not “follow the science” because that is not how one begins to think for themselves.
  3. From the data set I pulled that stat from, it does not specify, but does that really matter from a 0-69% rate of change? If you’re implying we didn’t reach 100% yet to see full benefit of program, then I don’t know what to tell you in the context of my entire post. I’ll remind you, PCR cycles were ordered lower for fully vaxxed and kept at the same absurdly high cycle rate for unvaxxed testing per CDC, and if that doesn’t scream out at you...Especially considering the CDC is walking back the PCR testing now b/c of its unreliability (to say the least). In addition, you were considered unvaxxed at day 13 of your second shot, which I won’t get into (death counts). Study the highest vax rate countries, # one being Gibraltar (99%) and the absurdity of this should not be lost on anyone, but the panic stokers have created a false reality and the psychology of man, our own good nature is being wielded against us. See Asch’s experiments-“Asch found that people were willing to ignore reality and give an incorrect answer in order to conform to the rest of the group.” Please do not fall into any traps of scapegoating outgroups for the failures of authorities.
  4. You can’t virtue signal that you are taking this to protect the vulnerable-it’s very old news that these shots don’t prevent transmission. Same viral load in unvax v vax. Just admit you’re trying to hold your job or something. In placating these irrational mandates, you are partly responsible for any and all destructive measures that follow. You can’t say they are saving lives anymore either. During 2020 Nov 1-18th we had 20,484 deaths with 0% vaxxed. During 2021 Nov 1-18th we had 21749 deaths with a 69.4% vax rate. And these shots are not safe, just look at Pfizer’s own report. Among the over 160000 adverse reaction reports, some 1200 deaths and some 2000 cardiac events were reported for investigation. This was published 2 months into its issuance in Feb 2021. Now Vaers is over 20,000 deaths. https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf the most prominent, well respected cardiology journal posted a huge warning about increased cardiac risk: https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl_1.10712 here’s a simple straight to the point lancet paper detailing a problem all the data is starting to point right at as well. Spells out vaccine enhanced disease risk; a risk Pfizer was well aware of in above link. Wonder why they want the data from February until now protected from FOIA for decades... https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanepe/article/PIIS2666-7762(21)00258-1/fulltext?s=08#%20 please stop enabling irrational mandates. Don’t frequent vax only establishments. Please don’t comply. Enabling the govt and big pharma to finance and produce products that are made mandatory by law is fascism. They’ve seen the original statically irrelevant data the original efficacy data was used to validate emergency use. They have been lying to you. They won’t debate. There is no locus of responsibility. viruses become weaker and more transmissible over time. Putting evolutionary pressure on a virus with a leaky therapeutic through mass vaccination is dangerous and can lead to more virulent strains. Suppressing dialogue through censorship and job removal in hospitals is sinister. Suppressing treatment protocols and ridiculing alternative measures to enable emergency use authorizations is wrong. look at what lines just crossed in Ontario. Mind you, countries with highest vax rates have highest infection rates. Start questioning the narrative. The narrative is not reality. Be thankful that omicron is providing the world with a chance at long lasting, effective immunity, naturally. The truth will come out, be patient, be careful. Germany:
  5. When I was young and stupid we would run that area with a Starcraft 16’ tiller 25hp. Never had an issue once. It beat walking down the cliff to fish devils hole, that all we knew.
  6. On the bright side, they are very quiet, so the bus driver will be able to be heard yelling, “put out that joint, no shooting up back there, and get off!”.
  7. Hey, was out doing some late walleye fishing and checked one of your traps for you. No lobsters, no nothing, and you’re going to need more bait.
  8. Do not comply with centralized control. As the paradigms shift in energy, media, money, and ownership, always fight for the decentralized option. We can walk into a prison built out of the new tech or use it to replace the power brokers of today and lock them out. Explore means to opting out of what they are trying to do. Real wealth right now is measured in your independence from the system. Accumulate resources that enable you to build upon that wealth with the future in mind.
  9. McWally


    I just really liked Woody’s post above, and wanted reemphasize his idea that pointing the finger about who’s vote is causing what is futile. We have no representation and gas prices will be used as means to an end and those decisions are made amongst the unelected in places like Davos. The stuff we all should be noticing is BLM marching with Trumpers and cops in NYC, stuff like that. We are living in a post truth, post constitution situation, us plebs only got each other.
  10. McWally


    The US is in inescapable debt. There is not one single thing we could do to pay it off. It is perpetual by design. Having a balanced budget is entirely different than what we owe for having to borrow in the first place. You cannot escape interest when all money in circulation exists from a loan.
  11. McWally


    The writing was on the wall when Aramco went public-that was a Royal family dumping shares on the public, a quiet selling off of the most profitable company in our lifetimes b/c they knew the agenda, not markets were going to change. This transition from fossil fuels to renewables is happening by brute force. It’s being sold to us as a need to save the world, or whatever else they say, but like anything it is their agenda and their bottom line in the end and we are not privy to the truth. We Americans are in deep deep trouble because our lifestyles have been floated upon the dollar being a world currency reserve, which only had that spot due to its denomination as the only currency to be used for fossil fuel trade. Countries around the world are ditching it as fast as they can, and who could blame them. Do you have any confidence in this country being able to honor its debt? Behind age, poverty is the leading indicator for health and longevity. With inflation, job loss, and disarray normalizing in this controlled demolition, please do not side with powers that use force and coercion and instead choose the path of love, even for your enemy. God help us.
  12. McWally

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Nice Tribute Gary, prayers for you and your family.
  13. Wish I had a chance to know him. Prayers to his family.
  14. I only run one leadcore and to be honest I’m not expert enough to give an opinion. I’d have to go look to even remember...
  15. The guide series 8’ telescoping planer board rod has served me really well. Most important thing is to have the same rod for all your rods. Doubt they are still available, but they were priced right. Having 8 exact rods has improved my spread so much. For years I had a mish-mash of assorted rods and it was always a pain. Daiwa sealine have lasted me and we beat up gear.
  16. It’s worse than the DEC thinks, that’s for sure.
  17. Bump for new price! 500 is a steal.
  18. Yes, the same Federal system that won’t acknowledge street protesters burning down main streets as criminal. He was peacefully baiting. This nonsense originated in DC.
  19. I agree with Gill T. This is a catch n release state now. Imagine being a police officer right now. Bill had so much land locked down with leases. If you had a neighboring property you loved to waterfowl, you were out of luck.
  20. McWally

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Wow! Nice job Bill.
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