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  1. Fish on. Prayers to Mike on a safe passage. Sorry for your loss.
  2. Another post that triggered a bad memory! This happened to us too!!!!
  3. Great insights, thank you. You’re obviously spot on. My friend owns a bait shop and had a gentleman who tied all his own and had a large space for jigs and the family did not want to carry-on his legacy. I thought well geez, why not try with a ready-made customer demand. He did everything in-house, but in a far simpler jig. My stupid ass was like I’ll just try to outdo Spro, rather than emulate his methods. There is one product other than these bucktails which is more for the locals that I have in mind for the millions of bass pros/college amateurs/wannabees that spend whatever and could have way higher margins. Truthfully, in this day n age with complete uncertainty in supply chain logistics/inflationary pressure I’m very worried about going both feet in and going your route, but no balls no glory too. Thank you for new insights.
  4. It was a sneaky move, but I swear this dude was catching big hens in may off the bank.
  5. There was this guy who use to always win the spring LOC centerpinning Niagara shoreline for bows. I tried it from boat with a slip bobber and all that got me was a huge migraine.
  6. So, all the way from melting lead to powder coating to tying to all the weird little hangups in between I think I can make these at about .35 cents an hour. That’s about 14$ a week at 40 hours and thats a 728$ salary. Not bad if you live in Nigeria. There’s a lot of little tricks to this crap and I bet if I worked at this for a year I could get good, but man, this is tedious. A lot of messing around in catalogs and stuff. Fun little hobby I guess.
  7. Chowder’s post just triggered so many memories of our trials n errors. Good grief, he’s so right.
  8. I think state record is out of Black River Bay. I would just love to figure them out for the summer as a complete challenge. I swear if I can come back to dock with a cooler of them things in July, I’d be the talk of the town.
  9. Unbelievable, you sure it’s burbot and not bowfin?
  10. No kidding! What time of the year in the little salmon? Like in the mouth or up the creek?
  11. Has anyone dragging gear for Lakers or whatever ever caught a burbot? Can anyone tell me anything about warm season burbot habits? Ive caught one ice fishing in Chaumont. I know there is a black river bay ice bite. I know there are some great Henderson late ice spots, but the warm season haunts are a complete mystery to me. Anyone fill in any life history info on east end burbot??
  12. I swear, walking down that cliff to Devils Hole was as deadly. When we walked it down, I remember casting a hairless silver mepps 3 and letting it sink for a long while then just close the bail and let the current swing it. Did great on bows and Lakers, good times. it is true though, Artpark is good enough. That dam is wicked and the whirlpools that just form out of nowhere are wicked.
  13. So did mine, I guess my taxes are pretty cheap being way off in the north country, but have no reference having only ever lived here. I hope you have a 100 years of great health in front of you, truly, cheers.
  14. Several prominent FDA folk with solid decades long track records have resigned. I am speculating here, but I’d guess for moral quandaries. I’m excluding Janet Woodcock here, that lady is partly responsible for Purdue getting its OxyContin mainstream and into the hands of pill mill Dr.s who got kickbacks galore. She’s just running away with her dress on fire, but I digress. Mandates and unethical practice will weed out the critical thinkers/moral objectors from the police, hospitals, FDA, Universities and armed forces before too long. If that sort of consolidation of obedience /thought under duress doesn’t spook you, you have failed History 101. And Gator, Joe Public needing faith as you put it, points to the fact that this is irrational, because what else is faith reserved for. We need to contend with the fact Totalitarian politics are a form of religion. After fleeing Nazi Germany Waldemar Gurian wrote: “ The totalitarian movements that have arisen after WW1 are basically religious movements. Their aim is not only to change political and social institutions, but also to remodel the nature of man and society.” Carl Jung wrote: “The state takes the place of God...The socialist dictatorships are religious and state slavery is a form of worship.” These man-made institutions are inherently irrational because they are built upon force, fear and lies and the lies grow larger. In a free and open society you build Joe Public’s confidence, not faith, through meritocracy and hierarchies built with competence, not power. With pundits like Cramer on CNBC Fast Money openly calling for forced vax through military intervention, well, that’s the power structure tipping its hand, and many faithful agree....
  15. Donny is pushing boosters. That clown is in your circus man.
  16. Legislative authority, can’t enact mandates, HA! Considering a bureaucracy is an institution that exercises enormous power over you but with no locus of responsibility, then you must understand at some level, you, being in the ring and all, are protected if you stay under its roof. For instance; the CDC makes vaccine recommendations. But the distinction between a recommendation and mandate immediately collapses when institutions (government agency, employer, university, school) require vaccination based on the CDC recommendation. Try to contest the rationality of these mandates, e.g., in federal court: the mandating institution just points back to the CDC recommendation. The school, business, Dr., etc., thus disclaims responsibility for the decision. But the CDC likewise disclaims responsibility: "We don't make policy; we just make recommendations." Meanwhile, the manufacture is immune from liability or harm per federal law. Thus, enormous power is exercised over your body, health, physician's license, etc., with no locus of responsibility for the decision, and no liability for the outcomes. You are left with the consequence of a decision that nobody claims to have made. Alllllll that from a little ol’ recommendation. Ha!!! Integrates information. The FDA Advisory panel voted 16-2 against boosters for the gen pop. And he and the FDA hurriedly ignored that. Hurriedly. They ignored Pfizer’s own warnings. He has said he is the human embodiment of SCIENCE and to question him, would be to deny science. That’s funny? This seriously seems like Stockholm Syndrone. He’s been good at being wrong a looooong time.
  17. We had a 4x birth rate with boomers. Their average age now is 74ish. Americans are also in a tail spin of obesity and obesity related diseases. In addition, we are in an opioid epidemic. We are in a grand finally of that opioid epidemic with overseas fentanyl being the primary drug and now carfantanyl (sp.) has entered the scene. The lockdowns have increased suicide rates, drug abuse, poverty, and mental illness-all increase death rates. And as Gambler mentioned, just about anything can be called a covid case. NY, NJ, MI and Penn had nursing home debacles. And I’ll say it again, Vaers, an underreported tool is at 20,000 deaths. By the way, false reporting to Vaers is a felony and Pfizer unblinded their control groups, so I don’t know where else you’re supposed to responsibly asses risk without being called a conspiracy right wing extremist. Sooooooo, add a crummy pcr test, incentivize hospital admins to check a box, and that’s a whole lot of dry tinder.
  18. I hope, and pray, at the end of this thread we can all agree NO MANDATES, NO PASSPORTS, NO MORE EMERGENCY ORDERS that restrict us. The baseline data is mangled. The govt is spending and printing our dollar so that it is losing value and our tax burden will rise. We are getting burnt at both ends. The fact is, behemoths like Black Rock and Vanguard and the major banks get essentially free money to rig our markets. They own huge portions of the pharmas, insurance companies, big six media corps, social media corps, and have the politicians in their pockets. We are arguing their constructed narratives. They are robbing our voices, wealth, and we are very much at a fork in the road with the new technology that is here. That’s why our heads are spinning. They are at a cusp of losing their control. Just like invention of the printing press created massive censorship, so to will major blowback happen with the advent of DeFi, open source decentralization projects, and a growing parallel economy. We can walk ourselves into a cage with blockchain based central bank digital currencies, IoT devices, and a myriad of other new bio techs that I believe will destroy our privacy, rights, and good nature. OR we can use the other fork in the road this tech offers and lock them out and escape this fiat money driven rigged game that has us in the current stranglehold we are in. Letting mandates take hold will be us essentially tapping out. I personally believe, as a person with natural disagreeable tendencies, thus high skepticism something stinks to high hell-these new therapies being a means to an end that has 0 to do with health. A lot of people are naturally agreeable, they see compliance as a means to an end of a pandemic. I get it, I understand, but please, the canary is croaking in NYC with these mandates. This sort of categorizing of people by way of a pharmacological stamp, an assumption of sickness before being able to participate in an economy is NOT a public health measure. It is a means to find the weeds that need to be plucked from the totalitarians utopian garden of obedience. P.S. reef runner bite is hot in the golden crescent. The Canadians can go eff off, we got our own Bay of Quinte.
  19. Faucci has ignored, purposely, natural immunity #s. In leaked emails he is doing narrative control ops. He is demanding voices be silenced, not debated. He lied about gain of function funding. These people crapped over the constitution day in and day out. He is a fear monger. He has hurt public health. He is a bureaucrat. Biden just admitted that the Feds can do nothing helpful any longer. That speaks to Faucci.
  20. I’ll bet the same people wrapping street blocks packed together wondering if they have covid and waiting to be tested will be the same ones on their 5 booster complaining about long covid.
  21. So many people, for two years have been screaming about the pcr induced mania in the hospitals labeling everything covid. People actually believed cloth masks eradicated the flu. Remember, nearly all Dr.s went along with this bull. Now, you have Faucci just nonchalantly telling the public what normal skepics have being ridiculed as social media conspiracists for two years for. This is gaslighting, actually.
  22. I can’t believe he actually set the record straight on that. They are u-turning hard. Nice they are finally admitting the pcr is junk, cloth masks are retarded, and Biden admitting the feds give up...Great to see. Please let them drop this ****. Thanks for video.
  23. “I'm also neither afraid to live (wisely, I hope), or die (of old age, fingers-crossed), but I am afraid of impacting someone else's right to live. You've got to protect the vulnerable IMHO.” I interpreted your above statement to mean you were taking the shot to protect others from getting it. I was contesting the shots inability to prevent transmission. The CDC acknowledged this after the Barnstable County incident, and it’s obvious after places with 99% vax rates like Cornell that need to shut down after breakouts. Yes, there are civil rights issues, but the mandates are absurd solely because the shots do not prevent transmission. If you can agree about viruses becoming weaker over time, then surely you can admit mass vaccination efforts with leaky vaccines in a pandemic can pose significant risk to the population as well. A concerted effort to limit these to the vulnerable makes sense. But when do the mutations vary so far from the original when it no longer does? Actual vaccine trials for respiratory viruses have failed many times in the past. Because they mutate so much. As in Barnstable County, it should have been no surprise delta would breakthrough whatever efficacy was seen in the original strain. It has been demonstrated flu vaccine can cause interference and make one more vulnerable to other diseases. It’s very complicated. Blanket recommendations, irregardless of natural immunity and risk is not the right thing to do. when it comes to being the first in line for gen 1 drugs from companies with criminal track records, track records for altering side effect data, paying off doctors, etc or getting a novel disease...well, once the shot became available and I could study the risk with ample data, I did chose to hold off. I focused on my health, in particular vitamin d levels, exercise, and diet. The after effects of the govts reaction to this will create poverty. Beyond age, poverty is the best predictor for mortality. Enough is enough. The prelim data on omicron looks great. Looks like it does not get into lungs as bad. An endemic form along these lines and the failure of these therapies to prevent transmission should crush any mandate narrative. The idea of subscribing to infinity boosters tied to an empire pass will create a system of life that will devastate freedom. It will be a system built on lies. I am not a right wing extremist like long line thinks and I think natural immunity shows far greater promise in the context of ecological theory. I very much appreciate your mandate stance. I’m not anti-vax, I’m pro skepticism. Have a good year.
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