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  1. Either boom or rear mounted is OK
  2. Looking for a pair of dual rod holders to fit Cannon Mag 10 manual
  3. What is the water level status this year. Last year (2021) was so low I had to use a ladder to get to my boat!
  4. Can anyone tell me which OFFSHORE planer board release has the integral pin that allows disengagement from the line when pulling the board into the boat Thanks Robo
  5. Robo


    Is it just me or does the cowling cover remind anyone else of the CONE HEADS?
  6. Could use two if they are for sale Robo in PA
  7. Do you stll have the rod holders for sale? Robo in PA
  8. Do you still have the rod holders for sale? Robo in PA
  9. Do you still have the rod holders for sale? Robo in PA
  10. Would you sell one of the swivel bases? What are the mounting dimensions so I can check that my gunnel width (approx. 6") is adequate. I live in Pen Argyl Ian
  11. I checked out the wiring harness and it looks like I would need to buy a new set as the older style isn't offered by fish307.com. That runs approx. $57 dollars. Considering that other various small parts ($15) might be required for a rebuild I can't offer more than $115.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I am somewhat reluctant to buy this model as Cannon no longer makes it? Parts etc. could be a problem
  13. I am in Pen Argyl PA. Do you know if the electrical plug mates with the standard Cannon battery wiring harness. I have two of those now. Does everything operate properly and how old is the unit? Thanks Ian Robinson
  14. Where are you located. I may be interested
  15. SOLD _ NEW PRICE - (2) BIG JON runabout model, clamp on style downriggers. Brand new $270 each. Will sell for $75 each or $125 for the pair. Everything in working order. Perfect for clamping on the transom or gunnel
  16. Thanks for the help with posting SOLD for my downriggers


  17. After I install an aluminum backing plate I am going to mount a Cannon track with a swivel pedestal
  18. Robo

    for sale : usa Robo

    How do you delete or edit a listing for an item that has been sold
  19. Did you find that the material was thin and made from aluminum? Thanks
  20. New member and first post. Anyone have any experience or advice on mounting down riggers on a Starweld Fusion 16DC? The rod compartments allow easy access but the top material appears to be very thin. Not even sure if it is aluminum. The dealer claims it is okay to just bolt thru etc. but as an old timer and a retired engineer I have my doubts. I wanted to mount a Cannon Magnum STX and run 4-8 lb. weights. Thanks Robo
  21. I am near the Poconos in PA but if you wanted to buy I could meet you hafy way
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