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  1. That excited smile makes all the effort, gas, tackle, etc... worth the while!
  2. Interested in the copper setups. One or possibly all. Sent a text to the number listed just now. Feel free to PM me separately if you can
  3. Fished in tandem with placemm and only managed 2 kings all morning. One hit on a chinook #2 on a 2 setting out 330 with a carbon 14. Other fish was on a 330 copper line with same spoon. Definitely the most boats I've seen out this year, but lake conditions were great on a Saturday so it's to be expected. We were seeing long stretches of bait out past 150 to 200.
  4. Another important point is which way the wind is hitting your boat vs the direction you want to troll. I've got a 22ft sea nymph GLS with a 4.3l and I need at least 1 24in trolling bag to get between 2 and 2.5, depending on what angle the wind is hitting the boat. A big issue is that because it's an aluminum cuddy cabin, the boat will barely steer into a modest wind at all at trolling speeds unless the bag is attached on the wind side. I have a line ready to use attached to the front central bow cleat for each side so i can choose or swap the side quickly if, for example, making a u turn. The bags point or exhaust is about a foot or maybe 18in from the transom.
  5. Yea, it's about 3 1/2" long and 1oz stamped on inside. That's about as large as we've used, 3/4oz work well also.
  6. I forgot, a 5 of diamonds was good on pike too. Here's a quick example. Pretty much any orange belly for stick baits...
  7. Had the day off and was hoping to get a little fun in before the forecasted weeks worth of east wind started really setting up. Trolled from 6 to 9AM, mainly spoons. Started in 20ft heading west and ended up turning around and bringing it shallow into about 7-8' to find some kind of green water. Finally hooked up around 8AM with a small fat brown and then hit another about 20 minutes later. Wind started picking up a bit more and we tried a little deeper out to about 40 or so just for fun and just after dropping a Chinook #2 down to the bottom a laker grabbed onto the purple clown it was attached to. Browns were on a Wonderbread and a gramma warrior.
  8. I've done about 20 fly-in fishing trips in northern Ontario and the best tackle has been jigging with live minnows in the honey holes and slow trolling with orange bellied stick baits. Rice lake in particular was always hot for the orange belly - didn't matter what kind of lure be it a rapala or other, so long as the belly was orange. We even had a friend try Spray painting his lure bottoms orange and it worked! Typically the water color of the lakes is dark brown (looks like Coca-Cola) and for whatever reason the orange seemed to compliment it well. Most of their lakes also have northern pike, although some have smaller populations. We've had good luck on the classic red and white spoons, Johnson's weedless silver spoons, and spinner baits. Anything with that silver flash seemed to do well. And don't be surprised if a big pike hits the small walleye you're reeling in. I've seen this 3 different times and it's fun. Best part is that they don't let go, even when the net comes out next to the boat. Good luck.
  9. Fished from 6:15 to 10:30 in the calmest water we've fished yet. Headed west out of creek, salmon bite was ok from 7 till 9 in 17 to 20 ft of water. 3 for 6 in this time period and every fish jumped and screamed line off so we had a good visual to see they were all salmon hits. 1 made 6 different leaps until it finally shook the spoon free on the last one in mid air. Another we thought was tired out but then decided to scramble from the boat as we were bringing it up the chute and darted 100 feet starboard right over 2 other lines off our planers and past the planer then came back to the chute but under the other lines. Yes, nothing better than 3 lines all twisted up and ones a leadcore. All for good salmon fun though! No pattern to what took hits - 6 different spoons hit - pickle seed, mixed veggie, our homemade gramma warrior, mongoose, clown and a ladderback that I don't remember the name of (in pic). One diver hit, one 3 color leadcore, one 2 color, 2 rigger hits and 1 1/4oz weight line. We made a 180 and headed back east and tried everything from 25 ft in to 10ft with nice green water outside a solid brown mudline with no other bites the last hour and a half. Saw 3 other boats net fish in that same 7 to 9 window.
  10. Per one of the earlier posts, would you do any kind of trade in discount/reduced pricing with other style rigger weight/ball trade in?
  11. 2 small bait balls right near the bottom on the sonar, not really much to speak of but they were there. One showed fish right near it. No birds unfortunately.
  12. Depending on how deep you want to fish, you might want to look at just using lead core vs having to deal with the added complexity of a rigger, weights, releases, etc. A 10 color (a full spool which is 100 yards) will get your spoon or whatever down about 50' and you can run 2 or maybe 3 at the same time depending on your kayak. You could also add some in-line planer boards and get the lines out a ways from the kayak giving you a wider spread. It would be a lot of paddling to keep your kayak at the 2-2.5mph that people typically troll at (not impossible just a lot of constant paddling). Would definitely be sweet in a powered rig or a pedal kayak. Food for thought.
  13. Yes definitely. I also have a 16ft deep v tracker and there's no way I'd have tried leaving the creek this morning in that mess.
  14. I've got a camp over the hill and pay each year to use the town launch (land owners or renters only). And yes, they were typical Keuka Laker size. All went back in though, I'm not a fan of lake trout for eating.
  15. Another option is a 3 way valve. Previous owner put one of these in on my boat for the kicker and it feeds off of the same separator line then splits. You just need to remember to switch it when your alternating motors...
  16. Launched out of hammondsport at 6:30AM and trolled north along the west shore at 120ft depth. Found most fish half way to bluff in 130-140' and all 2-8' off the bottom. Went 10 for 13 in 4 hours. Hot spoon was a black with pink and purple ladderback we nicknamed "hot barbie" that took 5 fish alone. 3 diver hits on a white with pink ladderback and a couple on other black ladderback colors. Riggers were just off the bottom and diver rods were out 220-240. Shallow ran some deep diver rapalas with no luck. Best day we've had on Keuka slow trolling, but to be honest was the first time we were really serious about it.
  17. Cautiously optimistic about the waves this morning, we made the 45 minute journey north. Launched at 6AM and back off the water by 8. Headed to Hamlin state park and set up heading east in 15 ft. Went 2 for 4 on fish as well as people ralphing. Unfortunately the wife and daughter didn't fare well but we managed 4 hard hits. 3 salmon on, one landed, and a decent brown to finish the trip. The 3 salmon all hit a pickle seed stingray spoon 50ft back off a rigger down 8ft. Brown hit on our homemade "Gramma Warrior" spoon set the same on the other rigger. Ran a 2 color down the chute with no takers and tried Chinook #2's on each side but the tossing/rocking either tripped them or drug line off, even after tightening the releases a bit. Tried one Otter boat board but it quickly dove a few times before making it out 15ft. Is there a way to set these in rough water so they don't dive? Worth the drive and now we know who needs dramamine for the next trip!
  18. Started a little after dawn, fought the wind/waves 'til about 8 or so then it lightened up a bit until around 10. Went 6 for 9 from 8' out to 20' following the mudline the best we could as the wind kept us zig-zagging all morning. 43 degree water. All hits on spoons - purple clown, pickle seed, Burk's Valium, and multiple hits and fish on a home made ladderback we've nicknamed gramma warrior. Chinook divers were active but most hits/fish were on weight lines. Great trip with 3 generations all landing fish...
  19. Yes in deed! A lot of learning/playing involved, which probably led to less fish taken I'm sure. That and the wind was not the greatest that day, south but very strong.
  20. Shakedown trip with new-to-me boat (89 Sea Nymph GLS 220). My boy and I launched, played and did a little wind fighting last Friday. Went 1 for 1 on browns until we had enough wind fighting (which didn't take too long with such a tall light boat). Great trip, beautiful morning (wind aside) and we got the skunk washed off the boat on it's maiden voyage. Green dolphin was the lure of fish favor and the only hit was directly in front of Sandy. Muddy water was a little hard to find East or West at that time (even in 8' of water). We trolled a ways in both directions from the outlet with just the one taker. Saw 3 smaller 1 or 2 man boats out there as well and did not notice any fighting going on besides the wind.
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