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  1. I don't know if anyone has tried this, but last Sunday during my FLTA tournament. My tx-44 planers were struggling to stay afloat pulling 400 copper and 11 core. I removed both weights, burrowed a hole in the center and re-installed only one weight in the bottom center. WOW, what a change. They floated and pulled 30% better.
  2. Bear’s Bait Shop will be holding a tournament on Saturday and Sunday September 10th and 11th, 2022. Attached is the entry form for Bear’s Bait Shop 2022 Fall Trout and Bass Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. Bear's Fishing Flyer Fall Derby 2022 Master.pdf
  3. Bear’s Bait Shop will be holding a one-day tournament on Saturday August 13th, 2022. Attached is the entry form for the BARNEY BALDWIN 6th Annual One Day Fishing Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. 6th Barney Baldwin Fishing Flyer.pdf
  4. Day 1 results- Salvation Army Derby
  5. Went south of deans and got a few lakers, few rainbows. Fleas were bad, ran downriggers at 30-60 and hooked 3 bows, fleas kept us from reeling them in. Hand lined one in, the biggest, others were small and fell off once lines jammed up b/c fleas. Not much of a thermocline…. 60deg F top, 57-58degF 50-70 feet down. Got a decent laker on church 44 planer 10 color lead line, first time running them, dragged him for a while I’d guess. If anyone can share insight into these in line planer boards I’d greatly appreciate it, seems like line clip is backwards to me, but…. Lots of sun, landed fish, wasn’t at work!
  6. Just wondering where the best area/launch on cayuga is with kayak access to lakers. I want to get out this weekend and was thinking of hitting Canadice since it is more friendly to kayaks, but I feel as though I have better odds of solid action on cayuga. I have a very stable 12’ sit on top kayak and electronics and am familiar with how to find/jig fish I just would like to not have to paddle incredibly far from a launch. Right now the wind forecast looks promising for a smooth lake. I’ll ditch the plan of it looks like it’s going to kick up. Honestly a good morning to me will be one for the cooler and a couple more to toss back and I’ll call it a day. If anybody has any info they’re willing to give up I appreciate it very much. Thanks!
  7. Bear will be holding a tournament on Saturday and Sunday May 21st and 22nd, 2022. Attached is the entry form for Barney and Bear’s 36th Annual Trout Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. Sorry for the late posting of this event as I was thinking it had already been posted. Bear's Fishing Flyer Spring Derby 2022 Master.pdf
  8. 3 weeks ago the launch at Treman was locked in ice. Anyone been down by Treman launch recently? thanks
  9. Haven't been on the water in a long while so when the winds were calm this morning it was time to get out there. No lines no waiting at Dean's so launched about 9 went straight out 50 yards and started trolling. Fish were near or on bottom out to 120 fow then suspended between 80 and 120 towards the middle of the lake. Probably all lake trout or at least that was all that was hungry. First fish of the day was the largest at 29 inches, the rest ranged from 16 to 24. Equal numbers hit spoons and flies. Steady pick right along then back at the dock by 1. Great December day to be on the water. Not seeing reports here lately, anyone working the South end finding some Salmon or are they still in the creeks? I'll be waiting for the lake to drop a little more before launching down at Taughannock.
  10. Quick report on Cayuga Saturday. Fished out of Myers point. Surface temp was 62-67 degrees depending where you were. Temp break at the ball was 75 feet plus to find 50 degree water. Top to bottom it was 65 degree water until you hit 75 feet…Started the day with my normal mix of 3 1/2” spoons and did nothing on them. Picked up 2 Lakers on white flasher fly combo on the dipsy. Decided to retool my presentation and pushed the spoon sets back 75 feet amd downsized to scorpion sized trout spoons, slowed down the boat speed and it was game on for Lakers. 10 colors of lead core picked at fish as well. Boated a dozen or so and had a few more come unbuttoned. When we found bait and Lakers we got hits…rogue fish not so much. Bites were 100-120 feet down for us just above the bottom. One bonus bow hit us on a turn. Spectacular weather with minimal traffic. Cheers!
  11. Did a morning jigging trip out of Dean's yesterday with my dad and brother. Launched at 5:30am, and had the first laker in the boat by 5:45am. Thought it was going to be good bite, but it turned out to be a bit slow with some decent wind at times which made it tough to stay where we wanted to. We did manage 5 lakers and two bows in the 4 hours that we were there. Best fish of the day was my 32" laker, that was a fun fight!
  12. Bear’s Bait Shop will be holding a tournament on Saturday and Sunday September 11th and 12th, 2021. Attached is the entry form for Bear’s Bait Shop 2021 Fall Trout and Bass Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. Bear's Fishing Flyer Fall Derby Sept 2021 Master.pdf
  13. Bear’s Bait Shop will be holding a one-day tournament on Saturday August 14th, 2021. Attached is the entry form for the BARNEY BALDWIN 5th Annual One Day Fishing Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. 5th Barney Baldwin Fishing Flyer.pdf
  14. I saw a report last week from a charter that an algae bloom was starting to happen on Cayuga. Just wondering if anyone has a recent report out of Dean's Cove that could say whether the algae bloom is still happening, or how good/bad it is? Thanks!! Sean
  15. A gray and sometimes grumpy morning but still great fishing on Cayuga. Started heading South to let the Northeast wind help not hinder. Steady lake trout bite all over the column in 80-200 fow. Early on a really nice rainbow hammered the 7 color and kept driving deep all the way until 20 feet behind the boat when it changed gears and rocketed several feet out of the water, gave a nice profile view and tossed the spoon aside. Sometimes the best moments don't always end with a fish in the boat! Skies darkened and wind increased near Sheldrake so trolled across and started North on the East side with hopes of avoiding the harshest wind. That failed as rain cells came through with a Northwesterly blow. The bite slowed for a bit and lost several bows mid-battle as aerials with the waves made it easier for them to create slack. Fleas also a problem as multiple jam ups that needed to be cleared in the middle of fighting with fish. As the wind and rain started to settle began trolling back across and a nice Rainbow targeted the slide diver. Made for a nice finish to an occasionally wild but overall relaxing trip.
  16. Went out with a few friends today started at 9:00 shot across to east side in 100-150 fow slow pick there managed 3 lakers, come back across to west side at 200 fow had a double on coppers rods kept firing in that area finished 8-11 all lakers, riggers, dipsys, coppers all took fish 1 on gambler rig rest on spoons. Of at 2:30 fun day finally fishing again!
  17. Wednesday morning after Tuesday's gully washer. Surface temp 64. Fished north and south of Long point staying in 40 to 60 fow. Inlines, directional divers and riggers. Bait was plentiful. Brought 12 fish to net. Six silvers and six Lakers. 12lb laker came 15 feet down on a slide diver pulling a boy girl scorpion and 6 and a half lb salmon came off the rigger at 20 down with bloody nose scorpion.
  18. Started at 5 am launched at union springs head straight across the lake headed south 30 fow dropped one dipsy 5 colors lead core one down rigger and one long line with a 4 once weight landed 6 lakers by 7 fished over stayed there till alost 9 then went to auroa got right in close to the shore again about 30 fow and on fire again pulled a nice rainbow and some nices lakers but sadly lost one of the biggest id seen right at the boat netting mishap. Had a amazing morning on the water the bite was on fire and the fish are feeding hard on the surface
  19. Launched out of deans at 515 and shot right across and went south to long point. We setup in 100fow and had the boards out with a 1oz drop weight, riggers were stacky at 45 and 65. Picked up a nice rainbow on the boards using a Berkeley hit stick orange right away and then things went silent for about an hour until the 45 stacked went of and a rainbow went tail dancing across the water. things were quiet again so we packed up the boards and set divers to 50 and set the riggers stacked at 50 and 70 picked up 4 more Lakers before we called it a day. One on a musky torpedo diver with a flasher spin n glo back 200, 2 on a green dolphin down 70 on a pro troll flasher, one on cowbells down 90. Hopefully I will see some of you Saturday or Sunday at the canadaigua derby. I am bring the wife and youngest with me.
  20. Spent alot of time getting around and learning the lake but i would like to start catching landlocks. Im not looking for everyones spot or best lure im just looking for some info and what they like in the lake and just some general colors they like Thanks in advance
  21. First time out on Cayuga in a while and with the sunshine and warmer temps it was a great morning to be on the water. Lakers were all over spoons on the riggers and most did not give up without a strong battle. Only 2 hits on the stickbait, both Silvers. Notice the significant difference in size.....At quitting time, the launch had heavy traffic so my first mate decided 55 degree water temps were fine for a swim.
  22. Mother’s Day morning. Launched out of frontenac, headed south to 85 fow. 4 guys and 8 rods, 4 dipsys and 4 on the downriggers. 16 lakers boated in 1 hour 45 minutes. Dipsys back 80 feet to 180 feet. Downriggers down 90 and 70 feet. Ate every color lure I put down.
  23. heading up saturday for the first trip out, any new reports on fish locations would be helpful. Also has anyone on here attempted to jigging yet this year?
  24. A busy working weekend but had a couple hours free this afternoon. Very fortunate to live a short drive from Deans Cove. First launch there since mid-January with the low Winter lake levels. The new dock is great.....fingers crossed it holds up through the busy Summer season. Set the flat lines on the boards first to give the shallow water a try. Nothing doing so slipped out a little and found hungry and fiesty Lakers willing to hit spoons on the riggers. 40-60 fow was the busiest depth. Worked out to 120, but nothing much out there. Was pulling lines when the dipsey carrying a flasher/fly fired for the only time but with the largest fish. Water surface temps ranged from 44-46, speeds of 2.2-2.4 were most popular. A great time made it easy to forget about the rain and fog.
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