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  1. Anyone know the Owasco derby results?
  2. Hit the lake this evening in my pontoon retrofitted with rod holders as I wait for my truck to get out of the shop. Man its comfortable trolling! Four rod holders...2 cores and a copper. Ran east to see if my sunday walleye spots produced. For eyes they didnt, but eater browns were plentiful and kept me busy on short cores. Every point seemed to hold them, caught 6, fought more, all cookie cutter grilles, kept a couple for the grill. Lakers up high in the column too, cought a couple, kept one for a buddy. Great sunset, almost time to pick up and board goes screaming and I mean screaming.........got the copper in so I could work the core board, board off and fish goes screaming again....no jump....hmmmmmm, ....oh crap.....I have no net! Chaos for a bit.....but brought a great brown to hand over 28. Typical long owasco fighting machine....great fight and a great night!
  3. Had a fun morning with my dad fishing Owasco. Wind was a little strong so we didn't travel far. Lucky enough for us we didn't have to. Ended the morning at 10:30 with 5 browns, 8 Lakers, a nice rainbow and a mudpuppy that we caught when a diver with flasher fly kissed bottom in 90ft. REEL RAGE spoons outfished everything else by far. I highly recommend getting some of these if you don't already have some! Also lost a nice bow at the back of the boat that if we weren't just "fun fishing" and were in a tournament we definitely could've got in the hoop. Pleasure boat traffic was a mess at the launch when we got back in but we weren't in a rush after making a short morning out of it.
  4. Intended to troll for eyes today but the mud and debris had me making a plan b earlier than expected...ran up the lake found clear water, a few boats and decided to run the cores and copper's. Adjusted from the summer program and ran skinny, .....as I thought if I was doing the right thing a board goes back and a silver started leaping.......found a program that worked, 2.5 speed, sticks and spoons, no deeper than 40 ft, short cores and copper.....we ended with 5 browns, 2 good bows and a nice eye......decided to go play with perch, tough bite but a few committed and my youngest son was all smiles. Good day on the water.
  5. Good silvers still to be had. By no means quantity but good quality. All fired this weekend, core, copper, and high riggers. Algae had water discolored and none of these bows became airborne. It's like they didnt want to come up into it. I know I sound like a broken record but if you want silvers, fish high, stay committed to a zone, and when you hit one, reduce spread, cover water and circle. Speeds were between 2.6 and 3.2.
  6. Fleas are non existent which is awesome, however the weed mats have taken over. Quantity of silvers dropped this week but bigger fish started to hit with one super fish at 29 inches. Still many small stocked browns are keeping riggers busy. Core was dead and 200 copper fired a few but it was high rigger that was taking quality, 40 and above was key. And bigger ones we lost in the cooper again. No secret, graph says it all where temp is.....current, that's another story. As always, find that first one, reduce the spread and circle. Bait still sparse.
  7. The flurry continues, found them Friday night, got my son and his buddy on the action, still a lot of small stocker browns but they keep the rods firing. As usual the upper column producing 50ft and higher, mostly rigger and slider bite but copper stayed busy too. No core for me this weekend, lost 8some good ones wrapping off riggers into the coppers, they know what to do, but when I took coppers out, riggers wouldn't fire, go figure......chaos is better than nothing. Speed at surface 2.5-3.0. Colors didnt matter, as always.....find them....keep circling them.
  8. Great couple days fishing, even with high rec boat traffic, silvers jumping giving all a show. Fleas bad, constant maintenance but the high column holding plenty of bows, and water browns.....usual copper and cores working great with 200 copper firing consistent. Riggers 35 and up with sliders taking hits too. Go get ya some.
  9. Putting up this post with absolutely no information other than the date. June 15,16 My favorite lake. Quality fish, generally smooth water. decent launch sign up at south shore marina.
  10. Has anyone been out to owasco or skan yet ? Looking to see if emerson park or the skan state launch is open yet ?
  11. So the water is mixed fleas are difficult, but found the zone this evening with help from one of my son's. Took a quick troll earlier in the day and copper was king, lead cores took small ones, but the riggers were frustrating to say the least, first not many fleas, then next minute loaded....decided to hang them up and run wire, copper and core through my son's suggestion. Temp still good 50-60 down..... told him no expectations, afternoon started slow, wind started to die down and fish picked up, some good silvers on copper and core, he showed the old man how to bring them to the net! Proud moment for me.
  12. Fleas, fleas, fleas......horrible.......wind shifted 3 directions in 2 hours, opposite blow from yesterday, mixing things up a bit. Ran copper and cores this morning.....no big silver, all skippers, bass still making it fun though, and going deep is producing Lakers. Temp still good between 50 to 60, north was 55-75 down......just gotta keep pounding it till I find them again.
  13. Fleas back bad with hot weather, pulled riggers out, put out the TD, temp good 50 to 60, adjusted copper and cores. We got a few, couple silver, bronze and Lakers, radar looks ugly, cut it short, fun quick trip for my buddy with the big smallies, thought we had good silvers on.....screamin bronze backs though, ...no complaints! Fun.
  14. Fished hard with a buddy on owasco, checking out usual spots resulted in fish, but many fleas too......brought the copper and cores.....but they wanted the riggers today. Lost 3 good bows leaping and coming unglued, including a hammer that stayed on the surface after he broke me, chased him down as he looked like a shark on the surface, but as i approached with the net......she slapped her tail at me an was gone.....oh well. caught many little bows with 2 doubles on slider and terminal spoon.....that was fun trying to land them.......all in all good day with mixed bag of bows, small browns, bass and lakers.......fleas came back bad though
  15. This Sunday morning I took the family pontoon boat from our cottage for a quick fishing trip. Armed with 300 and 200 weighted steel wire, but without any electronics whatsoever. I did not even know my speed. All I had to do was going to known honey holes and in barely 2 hours I ended up with 3 lakers 1 brown and 3 rainbows. I kept one nice 4 pound rainbow for lunch. It struck me that Lake Ontario tactics for lakers in Owasco do not work. Instead of very deep fishing, steep drop offs and land point extensions are the ticket. It was good to see that the rainbow and brown population has recovered to where it was 30 years ago.The lake does not have any lamprey,which does help a lot. It's fun not to have to worry too much about the waves and the weather and even more fun to catch a nice rainbow 100 yards off shore right in front of the cottage with my landlubber family staring in disbelief that such big fish even exist in the lake. They thought that rainbows only exist in Wegmans stores.
  16. Took a friend out today, got in the zone I found yesterday, didn't get third rig out and we had a taildancer behind the boat. Nice female bow, jumped 6 times and threw the hook, can't believe with 77 degree surface temp that she had anything left after 2 leaps.......reset and it was on, a nice mixed bag with cores and coppers king up high. First time this fella was trolling and he got spoiled, told him it wasn't always like this and that I put a lot of time in yesterday to find it....great day though, he is hooked!
  17. Started off slow......a few Lakers, took about 4 hours to find......hit the zone and core starts screaming......circled for the next 2 hours, got a limit of bows, caught a bunch of small browns, and a few more lakers.....silver is there, stay true to your zone and when ya find them, rods will fire!
  18. Back after a long hiatus. Hit the water looking for bows, laid out the coppers and cores, and a few riggers.......good news is the fleas are minimal......slow start then hit a flurry of 14-16 inch bows, looked to be all same year class, all came on cores......found a sweet spot and the copper fired with a nice brown, followed by another copper firing with another good brown........circled spot few mire times and only took small bows and browns, ........took a break, hit it again at around 5, had my son and his buddy working small ones then a shallow, yes shallow rigger fires and my son's buddy was fighting a heavy fish for about 35 minutes......ended up being a beast of a laker.....(were was this guy during the tourney), anyway a great memory for him, and i had no net.......good times......fish are there......great screens produced nothing and blank screens took hits.......all in all great trip out.
  19. Hunter315

    Owasco Owasco

    Anyone having luck on the North end. Going out Saturday with my son for Lakers. Any tips, colors,depths i should know about?
  20. Anybody have any results from today on the Owasco derby? Thanks.
  21. May try there next Saturday, anyone been out?
  22. Owasco Lakers can anyone give an update on Owasco Lake for Lakers ? I'd like to give one more shot before putting the boat up for the winter,any info would be appreciated. Grandpa Fish on (Gary)
  23. Any new owasco reports? May try there next Saturday, anyone been out?
  24. Hunter315

    Owasco Owasco

    Owasco Heading to owasco sunday with a buddy and his 5 year old son. Can anyone tell me what colors are hot this time of year? We fished this lake in July and did well with pink.
  25. Hunter315

    Owasco Owasco

    Owasco Heading to owasco sunday with a buddy and his 5 year old son. Can anyone tell me what colors are hot this time of year? We fished this lake in July and did well with pink.
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