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Owasco 5/25

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Launched out of Emerson Park with my girlfriend, my cousin's husband, and Dominick to fish for the day after seeing all the rainbow reports. Started setting rods right from the channel. Didn't get the 3rd rod set and the stick on the big board goes off. While Carlos is fighting that one, the second rod goes off for Angela's turn. We were pretty busy for the first couple hours working our way out and trolling over deeper water looking for 'bows while the Lakers kept us busy. Took 2 in shallow on a redhead/yellow Long A stick, the rest came on NK28 Sea Sick Waddler and CR7 silver cup and a 4" pearl swimbait (trolled) parked at 40, 60, and 70' riggers 50 feet back. Took a few high line hits but they got dropped before we saw what they were. The swimbait also got hit twice when we popped the rigger to check lines but we were caught off guard. Went about 15/20 or so most 18-24", best bait and marks were 85 to 120 fow. Didn't spend much time on the North end as mentioned in a previous post but we did take 3 hits there in the short time we were there.

After 2 days on Ontario, Dominick and I had the learning curve pretty much figured out with only one tangle for the day. Somehow the 60 and 70' riggers got together. The 70' fired and Carlos was fighting something the felt pretty big. When it got to the surface we saw that there was a fish on each spoon. A little teamwork and both came to the net.

Here's a couple pics.


The "double"


The group and dinner.

Tight Lines,

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