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Trolling Equipment for sale

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Two Mini-Troll downriggers, never used. Durable downriggers are ideal for smaller boats and fishermen. Manual downriggers are built to deliver trusted Cannon® performance while standing up to harsh conditions. These come with Cannon weights and releases. $120.00.

3 Scotty Powerlock trolling rod holders. Need to be hard mounted to boat. $30.00

Luth-Jensen Doggers 4- # 4/0 (2- silver/ taped silver,and 2- textured silver) $2.00 each. 4- #00 (1- silver/ taped silver, 1- silver/ taped blue, 1- white/ green glow, and 1- white/ taped pink) $4.00 each. All Doggers have never been used.

Sutton Spoons. 2- #22's ( 1- all silver, and 1- silver/ gold) $3.00 each. 2- # 31's (1- textured silver, and 1- textured silver/gold) $3.00 each. 3- # 35's ( 2- all silver, and 1- silver/gold) $3.00 each. 5- # 44's ( 2- all gold, 2- textured silver/gold, and 1- all silver) $3.00 each. 2- # 88's (1- all silver, and 1- silver/gold) $4.00 each. None of these spoons have been in the water.

Located in Greece NY. You pay shipping if unable to pick-up.

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