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4/22/10 east of oswego

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Fishing Report

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Date(s): 4/22/10

Time on Water: 6-10:30

Weather/Temp: cold 45-49

Wind Speed/Direction: nw 10-15

Waves: 2-4

Surface Temp: 45-47

Location: 10 min east of oswego





Total Hits: 6

Total Boated: 6

Species Breakdown: 5 Browns, 1 Atlantic

Hot Lure: lime green Flutterdevle and MS Chicken Wing

Trolling Speed: 2-3 mph

Down Speed: '

Boat Depth: 15-25'

Lure Depth: 3-6'


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Left port at 6:00 only to return 30 min later due to wave height. Trolled harbor area for 2 hrs when a break in weather occured wind died and wave height diminished. We headed back east out of the port and managed 1 hour of fishing before weather took a turn for the worse. 6 fish in a hour is not bad. Mostly 3-4 pounders and we released them all. Atlantic was very fresh and healthy. The lime green/ silver Flutterdevle was the ticket today. Yesterday it was the blue/ silver Flutterdevle and MS in blue/silver. Most fish caught in the 20' depth level. More cloud cover today. Fish are there when you can get to them. Tight lines

==================== :)

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